Big difference for quality checkout



DVD rewriter BENQ DW1620.

I use this driver to burn a DVD.When check out for its quality using Nero
CD-DVD Speed 3.80,I got the big difference for the result@maximum speed and @16x speed.the result@16x is so bad.

the strange thing is that buring the DVD@4x is for 20 minutes(Nero6.6 configure 12minutes).is 20 mins too long?

I am confuse which result is reliable?I use 2 different media but the result is similar.

Thanks for help!


Quality scanning at 16x is rarely used because the results at high speed are less reliable (and show things as worse than they really are…). I also avoid 16x scanning because repeated spindowns and spinups annoy the hell out of me :a

Your 8x scans actually look decent but the abundance of single PIFs makes me suspect that your burns were interrupted many, many times due to the inability of the writing application to supply the data fast enough. Which leads us to your next question, likely to be related to this.

Check your hardware DMA configuration as described here:


nah, the scans look perfectly normal.

Lots of people don’t get the amazingly great media/well tuned drives that are showcased by people here. :slight_smile:


Yeah I never quite got what the general rule on scanning is suppose to be. Scanning on different speeds gives different results, so is the standard to always scan at 8x? or should I just scan at the media rated speed? What’s the rule?


Thanks a lot for Agent009.You remind me of something that I didn’t configure.I change the type from PIO to DMA and things improve a lot.Appreciate your great help.


You’re welcome. I bet your burns are not only better quality now, but also a few minutes faster, too :slight_smile:


Increasing reading speed makes it harder for the laser to read the pits precisely by interpreting the differences in reflected light levels (scanning at 16x vs 8x is a little like trying to read highway signs at 130 mph vs 65 mph, you can do it, but you will make more mistakes).

Since BenQ does adequate scanning at 8x (i.e., doesn’t spin up and down 15 times in the process like it does at 12x and 16x; and doesn’t take 20 minutes to do like it does at 4x), that’s what most people use.



The 8x read scan speed has been our benchmark speed for some time now - and everyone is accustomed to comparing against it-