Big difference between MY benq oem and retail DW1655 drive

I just received my replacement for my oem DW1655 and let me tell you it is worth the extra 5$ I spent to get the retail version…well I really havent tried burning with the new drive so more on that later. But first off the front faceplate is nicer a better look than the oem version. Secondly and most importantly the Retail version is much Quieter than the OEM. My god my OEM sounded like it was taking off when a disk loaded. The drive eject on the Retail version is much smoother too, the OEM kind of hesitated on eject.

Plus the software is a plus…

Peace… :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this information Jamos :slight_smile:

much better scan for a 16x burn with my older mcc004 media, and the first burn for the drive!(which isnt the best mcc004 media you can buy)…this is with the stock fw have not tried the latest yet with this drive.


how is the noise level when you do the transfer rate bench mark with nero drive speed (or when you burn the disk @16x) compare to the oem?

i like to know whether the retail version is mechanically quieter or it was due to the software control.

thanks for sharing your experiences :wink:

Its quieter…but still not the quietest drive i have…but no where near the loudness of my oem. Now bear in mind also that my oem drive eventually quit working so I can not confirm that the drive is mechanically quieter or I just had a defective loud oem drive. I am guessing the retail version has more insulation for sound than the oem version…i know the front plate is different so i am guessing they may have some more padding inside too or quieted it in some way…without taking it apart though i can not tell you. but really if your deciding its a no brainer its worth 5 or 6$ extra and you get software, manual, and a lightscribe blank disk. Plus I have heard many on here having issues with thier oem drives simular to what i had.

Also looking at the scan of the 16x burn i have above it is much better burner…now that also could just be that my oem was defective.

Jamos, I’m glad to see you are satisfied with your replacement… :smiley:

Happy burning and keep us posted how your drive performs on BCAB firmware before you upgrade.

:eek: Did your OEM version also have 2 rocket engines at the back so it could blast off into outer space and do a few orbits, too? :wink: :bigsmile: Just from your account, if I were in the market for another burner and this one in particular, I would also get the retail version to eliminate getting an OEM one with issues.

@quema yes its definatly made better…

8x burn Ricoh jpnr01 media…on my oem version it wouldnt even burn this media at this speed without errors…

Well my poor no name on the faceplate but still came with BCAB works pretty darn good and I’d say as good as any retail burns I’ve seen. Perfectly content in Missouri!

From what I’ve seen on this forum it’s premature at least to say rising a topic like this one after a few non functional OEM drives. :confused:

BTW, is anybody counting how many retail drives we have functioning bad.

I’ll let you know once I purchase a retail BenQ 1655 but only after I sell my Plextor PX-716A RMA replacement. Not going to deal with that Plextor again. :disagree:

I had a retail 1655 That Found it funny to take 15 minutes to write a leadin :slight_smile: and this was within its first 100 burns. :slight_smile: so about 3 days usage for me.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with BenQ. They shouldn’t just dump bad drive batches to the world as OEMs… I’ve had two OEM 1655 so far, both RMAed for different reasons, and both quite problematic.

They obviously arrived without any cables, manuals or software, thus confirming their OEM status to the full. Just a drive in a plastic bag, wrapped in bubble wrap and sent in a shitty carton box. That was OK, if the drives were OK. Well, they were far from it. To start with, it was impossible to burn at x16 (with OS/SB/WOPC all ON). I have tried lots of different x16 rated +R and -R media and they all achieved maximum burning speed of x12 with erratic results, sometimes very good, sometimes very bad sometimes just OK, all with media from the same batch! Then I change media, and the same thing happens, again, and again, and again. I have yet to burn a x16 disc at x16 with the 1655 with all three settings on, and I must have tried at least 10 different brands of + and -Rs… On the other hand, overspeed would go beserk on slow media and would burn x4 rated discs at x16 with horrible results.

So, the x4 discs burned at x12 and x16, and the x16 ones at x12! What can I say… I got better results when I manually specified maximum recording speed of x8 for the x4 media (thus putting a break on Overspeed lunacy), but the point still remains that both my drives were very, very erratic.

My Liteon 1635@YS0V however thrives on cheap media at x12 and x16. Therefore, I disagree with the argument "cheap discs + high speeds = bad burns. Yes, it can happen, but not always. For me, YS0V proved that when engineers decide to get their fingers out of their collective a**holes, they produce frmwrz that rock, and the 1635 so far achieved solid scores of 93 to 97 with a variety of cheap and not-so-cheap x16 media, burned at x16. Those same discs from the same batches sucked when burned with the BenQ at x12 (it couldn’t burn them any faster unless I turned off Solidburn/WOPC, and when I did the scans looked terrible). I even tried to burn them at x8, half their rated speed, and despite the fact that overspeed was off and Solidburn/WOPC on, the end of the burn in particular sucked big time, the ‘quality’ scans had all the colors of the rainbow… It was not uncommon to have a score of 95 all they way up to 80%-90% of the burn, then suddently to drop to a big fat zero with huge spikes towards the end…

Moral of the story: Liteon guys seem to be on the ball as of late. They have been listening to users. The BenQ engineers need to address these issues fast, before they start losing segments of the market. I will give it another try, can’t do anything else anyway, I have to accept the replacement drive from BenQ or lose my money. I hope that the replacement drive I will receive from BenQ will not be OEM. If it is, and if it proves to be as bad, then I swear to god, I will smash the little f**ker with a nice, heavy hammer, (just for kicks), and then go buy a RETAIL BOXED 1655 or 1650…

I think Benq’s QA is just spotty rather than a retail vs oem issue. My retail 1655 won’t eject disk with the eject button, but yet my OEM IO magic is working fine and I’m quite happy with its quality.

I have a decent if not excellent OEM BenQ 1655… I have never gotten a burn OVER quality of 97 using TY0002 disks AND never a burn UNDER that either… even the crapiest CMC cdr media burns without c2 errors (something my plextor 716a could not do!)…
I have used lightscribe without a hitch… 23 mins to burn HQ mode (i burn it twice to get the blackest blacks)
Maybe I just lucked out…

I got my RMA plextor replacement and have both intsalled in the computer now…

i have to ask a loaded question I hear so many good things about the benq 1640 is the Benq 1655 better and even equal ?

The 1640 seems to have more ‘mature’ firmware in my book, it’s only logical since the drive has been a great hit for a long while now and the BenQ engineers have had the time (and possibly feedback from end users) to fine-tune it. I’m sure 1650 and 1655 will turn out to continue this legacy, right now the frmwrz for these drives are still quite new, but it can only get better I suppose. Only thing that worries me (and some other users as well), is the fact that some OEM 1655 seem to be substandard, I’ve had two OEM 1655 drives so far and they have been both RMAed for different reasons, but maybe I’ve been unlucky… Big maybe… If I were you I’d pay the extra money and get a retail model, the difference in price is small anyway…

My point was it comes with software and cables, it have a nicer front plate, the drive ejects smoother and faster than my oem, and it is quieter than the oem drive I had (i did also say that with my oem could of just been defective and thats why it was more loud), and it only cost 5$ more than the oem version. So imho there is a good bit of difference.

But is it better quality than the oem…only time will tell…

I ordered an OEM 1650 today, should have it DHL-ed by tomorrow. I would have gone for a retail, but they were not available yet. Apparetly that 1650 OEM still has the black bezel with the BenQ logo on it as well as software and cables but without the retail box (I was assured so by customer services), so lets just wait and see. Looks like there is a variety of OEMs out there, some of them with the BenQ logo on the bezel and some others without, which makes for a slightly confusing situation. Regarding my OEM 1655 replacement (which should arrive early next week), I was on the phone with BenQ customer support this morning and was assured that it will be a retail boxed version :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have a BenQ DW 1655 OEM on order, should be with me by Feb 1st, will post whats in box, and how it performs. :cool: