Big Clonecd Error! Please Help

:frowning: the other day i was copying 2 audio cds just fine and dandy, when at 99% i get a failed to write to cd error!! why??? this has never ever happened to any of my cds i have ever copied, so aftr a while i try again and wen it starts to write in cd, it freezes at % one time t went up to 95% saying it failed write to cd…
so i tried to write some cds i have previously written fine and dandy…when i was writing it get these errors…is it clonecd? is it m computer? do i hava virus?? because this is strange…it never happened ever, then all of the sudden it started to do this… need help asap…please email if you can too… thanks alot!:frowning: :slight_smile: :confused: :eek: :Z

Have you recently changed CD media brand ?

Also, try reinstalling CloneCD.

You should check your buffer settings too. I once had buffer settings set to 0 (because of corrupt registry) and it kept giving buffer under runs.

what errors were they

the errors were that they couldnt write to cd…thats all then sometimes it froze.
i tried to unistall it again and reinstalled it but the same thing happened :frowning:

Like asked before: did you change CD-R brand? Also please give us some more info on your system like CD-writer, etc. It’s impossible to help you this way. The exact CloneCD error message would also be nice…

ok i finally got everything‚Ķheres the deal yes i did change cdr brands‚Ķi have been using clonecd for about 2 years now‚Ķand i never had a problem like this up untill now‚Ķrecently i was making a backup of an audio cd‚Ķeverything was running fine untill about 99% i got this error saying: ‚Äúwriting to cd failed.Medium Error.Write Error (3.0x0c:0x00)‚ÄĚ
after i retried it several times, it sometimes made that same error at different percentage rates, sometimes froze after that.
i also got a different error: Writing to cd Failed.hardware error:Track following error (4 0x09:0x00)
i dont know what i did wrong to get this, so i retried cds i succesfully made backups of and i got errors…i mean it works fine making the cd into an image but when you put the image on cd, it makes errors…i tried to reinstall clonecd and i get no success i scanned my comp for viruses, and still nothing, what now??? please help…thanks
sorry for taking so long to reply i have been trying to get this info from my friends house…considering its on his comp :slight_smile:

what cdr brands are you using?
I suggest you try verbatim or phillips
they’re very good

i used various alot…but recently i have been useing imation