Big Champagne shows P2P on the rise in the US and Globally

You may find this story to be of interest on our main page today. According to market research conducted by Big Champagne,the sue 'em all campaign that was unleashed against the public is not having the desired effect. In fact, filesharing is on the rise, both in the United States and also abroad!

In addition, Big Champagne is handy, as they can show what’s hot on P2P in several different genres. Might be worth keeping an eye on this site for future reference.

Special thanks to P2Pnet for bringing this news to our attention. :iagree:

Results of the study in the United States only
August, 2003 - 2,630,960
September, 2003 - 2,891,645
October, 2003 - 3,764,032
November, 2003 - 2,498,431
December, 2003 - 3,239,298
January, 2004 - 3,528,419
February, 2004 - 4,039,989
March, 2004 - 4,603,571
April, 2004 - 4,688,988
May, 2004 - 4,589,255
June, 2004 - 4,583,920
July, 2004 - 4,584,111
August, 2004 - 4,549,801
September, 2004 - 4,687,536
October 15, 2004 - 4,771,060

That doesn’t tally with the number of Kazaa users from this time last year compared to now - the status bar in KMD shows the number online has fallen dramatically whatever time of day you check it - from around 5,000,000 users last year to less than 3,000,000 now. Guess they’ve gone over to other P2P networks in the hope that the RIAA is only snooping on Kazaa users.

slashdot had a mainpage about bittorrent being 35 % of all internet traffic.

the **aa’s are aware :wink:

I’d expect P2P activity to increase, because the Internet connection quality improoved globaly.

A couple of years ago, all you could do with your affordable home internet, was download mp3 files, mainly from Kazaa that is excellent for 56k/ISDN users.

Now, as broadband connections become affordable worldwidely, you can also download PC software and movies. Also, different P2Ps appear that are build around idea of broadband.

If you ask me, I have broadband for 14 months now. Since then, my PC only turns off for hardware changes. I’ve made it nearly silent to keep it on at nights and have a P2P bandwidth of approximately 500 Gbyte download & 250 upload. When I was with ISDN64 I was only using P2P for very small files that I was really interested in.