Big burning problems

Man do I need some help. I was having burning problems so I upgraded the aspi drivers to adaptec 4.72 but that only made things worse. With you guys suggestions I used forceaspi to get version 4.6 in there (even though when I ran it, it never mentioned windows xp) all other versions. anyway I installed 4.6 with forceaspi and it said installed correctly but nothing works even the built in windows IMAPI burning software. When I try to make a burn, it looks like its working, the burner is spinning, lights flashing, etc, even software looks like its working, but nothjing is going on the discs. When I put them in to play, it starts up the cd player but nothing happens. At this pont Id even be happy just getting my xp IMAPI to work and burn with media player. Anybody got any ideas? Im ready to uninstall music match burning software and start over. P.S I cant get Roxio ezcd6, nero 5, to work either. Somethings screwed up and I have no idea what do do. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance. Bob P.

P.S Roxio and nero are both unistalled at this point. I only have music match and jasc photo album 4 (for vcds) left on the computer. yes IMAPI is started in windows and on manuel setting

Originally posted by Bob P

yes IMAPI is started in windows and on manuel setting
IMAPI should be disabled. Roxio and Nero don’t get along. So try burning just with Nero.