Big brother "Technology"?

I came across this statement in a terms and conditions of a video reseller:

“The Company has acquired certain “fingerprint technology” which allows them to identify each Company product. This allows the Company to easily identify whether or not any Company product has been illegally copied.” ::eek:

Now, I’ve made copies of media that I own, and was just curious if this is a “scare” tactic, or if this “fingerprint technology” is actually applied to the dvd+/-R that you are creating?

I don’t see how the original media would be “fingerprinted” by running dvd dcrypter across it.

Thanks. :bow:

Well, lets say you were apprehended with a copy of Lord of the Rings II. What are you going to say - that it’s not a copy, that you filmed your own version which purely coincidentally looks like the original?:stuck_out_tongue:

This stuff is not aimed at you. They only have to look at the media you’ve used to know that it’s a copy. Rather, they’re after the big boys, the ones who press the discs in the same commercial manner. I would expect that the fingerprint gets left behind in the copying and therefore a copy can be deduced.

Don’t worry about it. No one’s going to use hi-tech to catch the little guy making copies for his own use.


Thank you Peter!