Big Brother may be Watching US

Is anybody concerend that the movie industry may be watching us.

Now that new copy protection is on the uptick.

Your thoughts please



But maybe Gurm is one of “them” :frowning: “They” watch our whole planet with cold, distant eyes. :frowning: “They” look just like us, you know :frowning: … but I think dogs can tell the difference. :frowning: So always have one in the room and check for pods under the bed before you turn-in because that’s when they get you … when you sleep:eek:

Freaky :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think the movie industry is watching me … cos there is plenty of good looking naked girls the world across to divert their eyes from me!

Hehehee :slight_smile:

6,539 posts! How’d you get that many posts in? cdf didn’t even exist till after the civil war!

Well, after the civil war, I became a gold prospector, and I hit it big time!
So I hired people to post for me :slight_smile:
Now I’ve retired on my fortune, so I’m posting once again & leave the servants upto more mundane things like formatting HD’s & bitching to the IT department about crummy Dell PC’s which breakdown the day afer their warranty expires :stuck_out_tongue:

Why doesn’t this thread update, to indicate new posts, on the main “Copy DVD Movie” page? I notice the thread was moved from some where else.

Don’t worry too much about it all. We are all being watched, but I don’t think the music industry is doing so. Yes, they have some people scouting P2P networks searching for people that offer (lots) of movies, but if you’re not doing anything illegal (or at least, not on a big scale) you don’t have much to worry about.

On that point - When do we get paid?:slight_smile:

When the confederation (aka Aussie borg) takes back the USA :slight_smile:

:sad: Not again. :sad:


:iagree: Of course they are watching here. How else are they going to learn how to backup their DVDs. :cool: