Big Brother Is Watching!

can your isp find out and tell what you have been downloading from P to P ?? :cop: they have suspended my use of p to p for quote " suspected copyright infringement following a complaint from a copyright holded like paramount or motion picture association of high bandwith on your account" (there was no copyright infringement btw) but i don’t like the idea they can watch and police what is downloaded from p to p

I had a friend who had the same thing happen, they can do it for a valid complaint I am sure, but all they can tell is that your connected to a server or person (p2p) and what the file title is not exactly what your downloading. I can share any file called whatever I want to name it, does not mean I am breaking any laws. Call them see what they say. I thought RIAA and MPAA went after uploaders not really downloaders, Someone had posted that downloading was not breaking the law but uplaoding was?? not sure on that but I have not heard of anyone getting sued for just downloading though either.

there is are trick to get away with downloading it is called ip spoofer u spoof ur ip and go ahead and download.I use revconnect and u can my ip if i ddownload of you so i spoof my ip. Upto you what you do :iagree:

The way I understand it; your ISP don’t care what you’re downloading until they recieve a complaint. Copyright holders use various methods to catch you downloading their material but all they find out about you is your IP address. They then send a complaint to your ISP that someone from your IP was infringing their copyright, your ISP generally won’t do anything about this other than send you an email.

As for having “high bandwith on your account”, I don’t understand how that is evidence of anything and I think it’s pretty unprofessional of your ISP to have mentioned that. And I have no idea why they would have recieved a complaint from Paramount or the MPAA if you hadn’t been downloading copyright material either.

Basically, no I don’t think the ISP monitors what you download from p2p, I don’t think they really can either and I don’t think they particularly care. Third parties do however but they can only target a small percentage of filesharers and there’s no way in hell they can possibly monitor the entire p2p network.

they have asked me to sign a delaration regarding the use of p to p before they allow me to use the service again!!! basically saying if i download copyright material then i’m on my own !! perhaps i would be better changing to another isp , if they have flagged me once i may be targetted again! (ps is porn copyright ???) :o

The only place I know of where a legal decision has been made that says it is legal to download is Canada. However, it is illegal to upload copyrighted material there.

We have seen again and again that the MPAA has zero tolerance when it comes to downloading movies. All they are doing at this point is making(asking) that you stop. If they see you continue to download they could ask a judge to force your ISP to reveal your identity. But that costs time and money, frankly you have been warned. They don’t know who you are at this point. If you are going to continue downloading movies, then I would highly recommend that you do change ISP’s. You should anyway now, because your service has been cancelled anyway. I would not sign a damn thing with your current ISP as it seems to me you are signing a document admitting wrong doing. You can bet if you get hauled into court that paper will be paraded around and you will be done. Porn if copyrighted is just as protected as any other content.

IP spoofing is good for when your not actually touching the data, The data your downloading is still going to your PC not to the spoofed IP, you can only spoof where it came from more less. With P2P IP spoofing is not going to work, basically you can only spoof where you came not where your going so for downloading your out of luck and I would not trust it for uploading 100%

thanks,i think i will change ISP, don’t really think i should sign the declaration and they will not unblock without me doing so!!! any suggestions ???

never sign anything. At the first sign of trouble, they have all your records.

yea anyone got an ISP that gives them no problems ???

What country you from Gazz10? In the UK ive been using blueyonder broadband for about a year and never had any problems with them even though I end up downloading 100s of gigs per month

scotland great i’ll look them up thanks , do you use P to P yes?

I mainly use DC ++. Sometimes Shareaza

damn can’t get blueyonder !!! any alternatives ???

I’m with Pipex. At my last flat we also used Pipex and my flatmate used eMule to downloaded a huge amount of movies and TV shows that hadn’t been screened yet with no problems.

The ISP or filesharing program you use has no bearing on whether or not you have “problems”. It has to do with odds and amount/type of activity. Music seems to be less subject to legal action than movies, which as I mentioned earlier is zero tolerance.

As someone said, there is no way that the RIAA or the MPAA can supervise P2P. This is why they both tried and failed to make the filesharing program authors responsible for it’s users actions. So then they both tried to stick it to the ISP itself to be accountable for filesharing on their networks, that didn’t fly either. So now they must resort to mano y mano to try and control the situation by filing warnings and then extremely expensive lawsuits, in order to try and control the masses through fear. It isn’t working.

However, your odds of being singled out again, are just as great as the first time. It is only a very small percentage of users when we look at the whole, that are ever contacted. This is why if you are going to continue on the same path, you should switch ISP’s. Another thing to keep in mind is that the person holding the contract with the ISP is the one accountable for any activity on the network, regardless of who is doing the downloading.

ISP’s could care less what you are downloading. I ran into trouble with my ISP because of excessive upload bandwith. They capped my upload to 150k. (I have a 10Meg down, 1 Meg up pipe) When I called to complain, they said to me, “We don’t care if you download 24/7 and fill the pipe, but uploading for extended periods is not allowed.”

They also told me that if I want to use p2p filesharing, I must limit my upload to no more than 10kBps if I was going to do it for extended periods. But they would prefer that I didn’t upload at all. They also made me promise not to do it again. With that, they restored my upload pipe. This was about 2 years ago and I haven’t had a problem since. I’m just a bit more careful :slight_smile: lol

MickDanger?!? Any relation to Nick Danger?

how exactly doe ip spoffer work?

IP blocking known snoops eg. with Peerguardian, may help you to survive longer, though there are surely unknown snoops too.

Percieved wisdom, is that the usual path is:

  1. You download something, which means you share it - generally you share it while downloading, even if you pull the plug immediately on completion.
  2. Your IP is spotted by an “enforcer” and reported.
  3. Your ISP is notified, and gives you the heavy frown

The safest way, is not to download illegally, but if you do, then don’t make it easy for them - a bit like looking out for speed cameras on the road.