Big Brother in Windows ME?

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A colleague of mine received a letter AND a message from Micro$oft, telling him that he is using a illegal copy of WinME. They found out (so HE said)…

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I had something wierd too, it happened like two weeks ago. I was using my copy of Win2k pro and I got a message through the WIndows messaging system (those little alerts you can send) telling me I was using an illegal copy of Win2k and I should stop using it. At the time I thought it was one of my friends who’d been hacking me but he promises it wasn’t. I just wanna know, was it MS or someone hacking me to scare me??

There might be a Big Brother in Windows ME. I you have Zonealarm installed, you will see a “Services and Controller app” start up when IE goes online. This app isn’t in Win98/Win98se when IE starts. ------------------------ Linux, Because a PC is a terrible thing to waste.

Oh yeah, and the other point, even if this is true: WHY THE FUCK IS IE SENDING OUT OUR SERIAL NUMBERS. If MS try that shit in england with me I’m going to SUE their fucking asses off for intrusion of privacy and breach of the data protection act and UK privacy laws.

I wouldn’t be suprised at all. Steve Gibson has pretty up on apps reporting stuff that we don’t know about. He use to have Opt-Out. Now, forgive me because this Me thing could be very different from what I am reffering to but while we are on the subject of appz doing thier own secret reporting, check out AdAware - hope that’s ok to post - if not, sorry. I found 27 reporting instances on my Pc.

totaly agree with nila its a intrusion of privacy dont think they going to get away with this. Because its ilegal to invade peoples pcs see the computer criminal laws so technicaly they spy`n on you with a check or program with out telling so its a crinmal act…

True it is an intrusion of privacy!!! I agree with you all! But our killing point maybe in the Terms of Agreement!!! I never read this! And we may have agreed upon something we should not have. What does the terms of Agreement state? Buck Wilde

Well MS can only catch you, using an illegal copy of software if someone ELSE register their copy with MS. There is no way of knowing who owns which cd, unless they register. When i get a piece of software and i copy for friends, family etc. I tell them DO NOT register. and problem is solved.

I had exactly the same thing happen to me about 6 months ago… well it’d be after i’d been using windows 2000 for about 2 months. I first had a message sent to my IP address which came up on ICQ saying “this is microsoft… blah blah… expect a visit” and then the next day i receieved an e-mail that looked very legit… coming from ‘’ and saying "you have been tracked by our CISCO firewalls using an illegal version of our Microsoft Windows 2000 software, if I don’t take action they’ll get in touch with the relevant authorities, Northamptonshire Police & Trading Standards. It scared me at first but then i thoguht are they going to visit me just for using a pirated version. It’s not as if i’m copying the things, and they’re must be 1000’s of people doing the same, they going to visit everyone??!. i’m small fry to them! :slight_smile:

looks like opera 5 will stay my browser of choice , much faster than IE 5.5 anyway :+

This sucks!!! Hope this is some kind of joke :r

ME is not the only thing you should worry about. I installed IE 5.5 a few months ago and configure it to start with a blank url. Sure is funny about every 10 times I open IE 5.5 I see just for a split second a microsoft URL pop up and disapear. I have not found this link in the temp internet files nor in the registry. This did not start until I upgraded to IE 5.5.

Holy Shit!!! :frowning:

calallota, in the advanced internet options there is a check box for “automatically check for updates.” unchecking this fixes the MS url thing. but who knows what is send to MS when this on.

Allow me to put a few troubled minds at rest, (I like doing this) there are a few of us here who are worrying about nothing…Don’t get the idea that Microsoft will be calling on your front door to sieze your computer, with the local police to make their arrest. This DOES NOT EVER HAPPEN. To put this into another context, how often have the Levi’s ‘hit squad’ seized a pair of ripped off counterfiet jeans from an unsuspecting wearer? Huh! Now you see my point! Sleep well Posh :*

this is absolutely bullshit. MS can’t spy people legally.

I Agree with sdrywer… Microsoft Wouldnt spy on you this way, this is totally illegal I think this guy is joking on you or its a hacker like Nila said.

M$ SuckZ… :slight_smile: Firt they must learn to make a desent operating system, so the people will by some value for their money,…so if they keep making such junk as Win ME …just keep copying thath shit :d

What is going on here? Are we a bunch of preschool kids here? Everybody knows that serials are gathered over the internet, that’s no secret. Also everebody knows that the can only use these serials to make nice graphics for there bookkeepers… In the past lots of firms (incl. M$) have tried to use these online gathered serials but they lost every case because of the illegal way they found the abusers. Since the privacy law hasn’t change you can be pretty sure they won’t try this stuff again. But always keep in mind that they can however watch you and try to nail you on some other illegal shit (like copying) as long as they find other evidence appart from internet gathered evidence… ps: I know a M$ engineer myself, he has spend his first years at M$ helpdesk, he told my at that time when people stated their serial on the phone to get some support, they wrote it down and then threw it in the trash bin! So far for spying! :4

Well i am William Gates, im the former chef of microsoft. I have gathered all the serials from you guys, and now im coming to kick your fucking whining pirate - asses :wink: hehehehe. so long and tata! Bill Gates. p.s someone tell me why everyone here uses windows and still complains ? wouldnt it be cooler if you wrote your postings from LINUX when you hit on WINDOWS dumbasses :+