Big Blue warns users about Windows XP SP2

Big Blue in the mess…

Not suprising, and I do think IBM has firewalls already and their employees probably knows not to open strange e-mail. But imagine how fun it’d be if lots of valuable data was lost because of MS automatic windowsupdate (we can pretend some station has it enabled)

That’d be fun wouldnt it :bigsmile:

You don’t have to pretend, you know a lot of people have auto windows update enabled on their system.

Any corporation will not install any softwae on it’s systems or allow employees to do this (locked-down pc’s with monitoring) until such software has been tested and approved. For home users it matters not a jot - you can wait unitl any big bad bug reports come out or go ahead with an update that has gone through much testing. If your system works fine, why update anyway? If you want to update because MS have fixed loads of things, go ahead.

sp2 sounds like it will need a whole new service pack just 2 fix the bugs in it

Best thing with windowsupdate - once the SP2 download is in progress u cant abort the download (only pause it). Even when u pull the power plug - it will continue once the system is online again. Nasty, nasty…

im happy with SP1, my computers works well on it, so i dont want to risk making it bad for the sake of more DRM with SP2. :slight_smile:

Dont underestimate MS - they will find a way to make you downloading SP2 :cool:

ibm warned users because they did not update their applications to be ok to work with sp2. when microsoft puts out RC1, it is afaik to let people/corporations know the direction they are going. ibm has had lots of time to update their apps, and hasnt. ibm is NOT speaking to joe schmo home winxp user.

Don’t worry too much! - reading the MS “XP General” newsgroup SP2 casualties are already high. Quite some people seem to have a day off, by clean installing XP, to get their box going again. It’s not just about IBM…


yeh… ms will do things like not let the new media player 10 work or get any more updates that i need. SP2 is not really for the customers interests but for Microsofts. :bow: