Big A$$ Kiss and Thank You!

This is a shout out to all the veteran members of the CDFREAKS forum.

I’ve spent the better part of a week scouring this forum and reading through as many posts as I could trying to learn whatever was available about DVDRW modification.

I work in a PC store and have been doing DVD burning for around 2 years. Things have gotten considerably easier since then. I’m an avid “hardware freak” and will tweak anything you put in front of me. I’ll go without sleeo if it holds my interest.

Well…I brought home a 451s last week (replaced my aging A04). It is now an 851s w/ GSOH and runs beautifully. I’ve used the SPEEDHACK program (I keep a running list of all the medai codes I’ve used) and made a few edits. I’ve successfully burned 4xDVD+R Sony, TDK, and Memorex (RICOHJPNR01, CMC MAG F01). I’ve been running KProbe on all the stuff I’ve done in the past 1.5-2 yrs and learning even more.

I’m usually lurking in the forums helping out other people, but this time I was being taught and owe you all a great deal.

Thx fellas,

Not all veteran members are burning experts :wink:

yep but they are experts on something :wink:

Originally posted by dansmug
Not all veteran members are burning experts :wink:
And going off the web site your an expert at some thing mate thats for sure

I’m glad to see we could help :bigsmile:

Er…you’re welcome?