[BIG] 79th comic - The shopping center

Heya everybody,

at first some bad news. Due to personal and private problems I don’t know how much longer the comic stuff will continue… there were some bad news yesterday :sad: but I will try to do comics as long as possible.

OK here is number 79 - Enjoy!

:iagree: :iagree:

I hope you like it - feedback please!

Alex “Rylex”

Hi Rylex,

sorry to hear that. I don’t post very much here but I love your comics and answer quite often to the polls.

Good luck, mainly for you and secondly for the comics.

All the best,


UPDATE: Now I have seen the comic. Great one! :bow:

Thanks for the feedback!
There will be more comics this year but I still don’t know about next year… well we’ll see :wink:

Sad sad day for me and the rest fo the forum.

If you do leave us then please come on back and bless us with a comic or two in the future.


Great Comic

Sad news indeed Rylex. I wish you well for the future. You must look after yourself first, the forums will still be here when you return and I will look forward to that day…

well perhaps I could throw in one or another comic …
…but I just lost my job and that’s a bit a difficult situation…
Because I just don’t know what to do now and so it seems like I will spend lots of time in school and then work the rest of the day and even don’t have lot of time for sport or something like that… but like I said: Only private problems…
…just as an explanation…

Great comic, real great … sorry to hear that you will end with the comics. The best for you and hopefully you come back when you can.

Just take a look at comic number 80 and you’ll see that we still have some time for some comics left :wink: