[BIG] 402nd comic ... Garfield likes the 6.0.8 version

Heya everybody,

so the new 6.0.8 version is out and Garfield really likes it. I remember the times back of the old 4.0.8 version… one of the most stable versions of all times :iagree:

OK so here we go today with a new big comic:

Enjoy and have a nice week everybody!


Thank you, Alex! You da man! :clap:

Startin’ my day off bright & right with Garfield and BlindWrite. :bigsmile:

Yo Alex-


One should always be careful what you wish for!!:bigsmile:


I’d wish for more blindwrite comics … but then it’d probably just blow up in my face.

Again a great comic Alex!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Keep up the good work!! :iagree: