[BIG] - 278th comic ... Jon has stolen Garfield's Blindwrite version

Heya everybody,

I know we’ve had a long time without comics. Well I’m ill at the moment. I have a sore throat… well I think it’s called adenopharyngitis in English. You know when you can’t eat speak and so on… in German it’s good ol’ “Mandelentzündung” :confused: :confused: :frowning: … okay anyway today is comic time! :iagree: :iagree: Here we go with a brand new (and big) comic that will sure give you a smile… perhaps even a big smile?? :wink:oh sure you will tell me? :iagree: :iagree: :clap: :clap:

Here we go:

Have fun and enjoy!

Sorry guys but I just can’t publish that much comics at the moment…


Hehe, one more nice comic.

Bad to hear that you are ill. I hope your Angina is over soon and fit and healthy again. :iagree:

Nice hat!! :bigsmile:

Great comic, Alex.

Get better … quick! :iagree:

Thank you guys! :slight_smile:
I hope it will get better soon!


LOL :bigsmile:

I wonder why Jon has a big flowery hat in the first place?

Great look for him.