[BIG] - 206th comic - Mrs. Feeny's BIG revenge... the big nasty (silly) dog!



Heya everybody,

I still got a few comics but we are slowly reaching the end of the road. Today I’d like to introduce a new dog to everybody. This is the big, nasty dog that should ruin Garfield’s day… this is what Mrs. Feeny wants. Garfield has sure been doing lots of baaad things to the old Blindwrite hotline woman and so this comic today is dedicated to Mrs. Feeny. Poor Garfield…

You can still hope for a few more comics and a biiig Blindwrite showdown in the following comics:

But today here we go:

…to be continued…



What a DOOOOOOOOG, as you say: pooor poor garfield. Nice comic Alex :iagree:


LMAO! :iagree:


Thanks H3rb3i and DJMind…

you can still get ready for a few more of those nasty dog comics :wink:


This is really one of the best comics you made.

Keep it up. :iagree:


Thank you very, very much Namoh!!

…it’s good to have you back… where have you been for the last weeks? :wink:

And thanks for the biiiig feedback for all of my last comics …



Pancake Garfield. Thats one way to get into shape I guess.


LOL :bigsmile:

I’m not so sure that silly tree dog knows what he’s getting himself into :wink: