[BIG] 193rd comic - The Way to the farm

Heya everybody,

so Garfield, Odie and Jon are on their way to the farm… you might expect Garfield doing some bad things to Odie during the trip and yeah you are right… this car trip is really something special. Now read for yourself and get ready…
:iagree: :wink:

to be continued…

Comic 200 will soon be reached but I still got a few comics I want to publish so I can’t tell you the exact number when the comics will end…



Poor Odi. :sad:

I hope he’ll make it to the farm … Grafield and Odi at a farm at the same time. :eek: :eek:

Don’t worry - Odie will make it to the farm :wink:
Thanks for the feedback!

ROTFL, nice one :slight_smile:

Lol. :smiley:


Great!!! :slight_smile: How do you make such nice comics?

It’s a gift. :iagree:

Thanks everybody for the feedback!

@MRCloner… how to make such comics… :slight_smile: well you just need a good idea and some time… that’s all ;;

@Namoh :wink: :iagree: :iagree:

LMAO :bigsmile:

Holy Crap…they started a long way from Lederhosen!!

But they still managed to find a drive through. I guess that is garfields homing sense in operation.