[BIG] 191st comic - Garfield and Mrs. Feeny... a good day for Mrs. Feeny ;)

Heya everybody,

Garfield has been doing some very nasty things to Mrs. Feeny during the last time… but everybody knows our fat and lazy cat and it is sure time for a little break… read this today in a new comic and stay tuned for more fun!!

I wish everybody a nice weekend!



Nice comic and a nice weekend too :wink:

Thanks H3rb3i - I think I’ll start with the new comic series…

…“A trip to the farm… a life without Blindwrite…”

next week :wink:

Nice comic Alex and have a nice weekend.

Can’t wait for some kewl Farm comics … what will he do with all those animals. :eek:

You’ll soon know Namoh :wink: Thanks for the feedback!

LOL :bigsmile:

Yes, he always does in his own way… :iagree: :slight_smile: :wink:

Thats one lazy cat.