Bicep Workout

Who knows of the absolute best bicep workout during weightlifting, I am getting bored of the typical curl exercise

push up or pull up

or start boxing

Try slamming your keyboard

How about brain workout ?

He asked a serious question and all you reply is nonsense…
How would that make you feel if you had a serious question?..


Downing a few beers, what else?:smiley:

Well, I wonder then whether it’s an appropriate forum/site for such questions ? “Living Room” is in my mind a more suitable place for that stuff. Am I wrong here ?
You know, one moderator usually says " PM instead !" and then just closes a thread.

Of course, it’s up to the management to decide, I assume. :bow: :bow: :bow:

One more thing, I’m ready to delete my part of “nonsense” as soon as the thread is moved to " LR ", for instance.


Get it ! You’re just kidding, right ? :bigsmile:

send me a pm with your email adres.

i’m a body builder. and know a sh*tload of excersieses.

got an ebook aswell if you’re interested :wink:


Originally posted by craig0007

Next time I think you better use the PM or private message for this kind of thing. But just a hint though :slight_smile:


Did you take CopyMasta’s joke :bigsmile: for granted ?!