BHA B'S Recorder Gold 7



Hi all,

I just bought a new dvd writer, LG GSA4166B. I’m using B’s Recorder Gold 7 for a while now, it was delivered with my previous dvd writer.

When i want to burn a disc B’s Recorder gives me a warning the drive is not supported. Could this give any problems in burn quality?

Also i can’t change the burn speed, which is always set to ‘maximum’.

Do you guys have any idea’s? Thanks a lot.


If the drive is not supported it means your version is too old!!! It still might work but it will use some generic strategies to do the job. Which means your drive will not be used at its best potential. You should get a better software.
Yes you can change the burn speed. Burning too slow is a none-sence (for me) as when I buy a 16X media I expect it to burn fine at 16X!!! But if for any reason you don’t get good burns at advertised speed, than slowing it down may help.