BH16NS55 Strange RPM Drop

Hi, I have a problem with an LG BH16NS55 FW 1.02, during transfer rate test the read speed and rpm drops. I also have another LG BH16NS55 with FW 1.03 and transfer rate and read speed are perfect.
I have also a strange value in the “Transfer outer” value, very low!
BD-RE used are fine with 4 BD-RE drive but not whit this one…

Have you already had this problem? If yes, is it a problem with the laser lens, the disk motor or something else?

Thank You!

Good BD-RE with “bad drive”

Same good BD-RE with “good drive”

Looks like read problems. Maybe the bad disc is not good burnt and one of your LGs are not in best condition.

You can also do a disc quality test of DVD-media with your LG.

Thank you for the reply, the “bad LG” is “new” (2 weeks out of the box) with manufacturing date 01-2019.
This is the BD-RE DL (burnt with a good one) quality scan tested with another good BH16NS55 crossflashed to enable quality scans.
Not good but also not so bad.
I also try to clean the lens with IPA 99,99% but scans are the same…
I will try to burn some BD-RE/BD-RE DL with imgburn and see the exported graph file.

The 1st layer is not so good burnt like the 2nd, clearly to see. I don´t have ever burnt such media, maybe it´s normal.

But in my experience such error-rates are not a problem for a BH16NS55, it should be read at maximum speed. Maybe it´s a bad drive, vary of quality in the production.

My 2 16NS55 works fine, but I had tin the last years some bad DVD-writers from LG

What company makes those media? Just that I had troubles with dual layer BD-Rs from Media Range, namely on a layers break, quite sure it was discussed here as well, and as a result switched completely to Verbatim.

The problem is not the support, is the drive.
I tried every support from sony, panasonic, lg, verbatim, mediarange, from every factory. Even a BD-RE XL from Sony. same random behaviour.
I have random and strange RPM drop even with original media.
Maybe a bad calibration in the factory, when I will learn how to extract calibration data from a drive to inject it into this “bad” drive, I will try! I have 3 of them produced the same day…