BH14NS40 firmware



Hi All,
Was doing a search for updates and drivers etc for my hardware for Windows 10 Pro and noticed that there was a firmware update for my BH14NS40 LG drive. Although it is 2014 update it is newer than mine which is v.1.0.
Wondering if anybody had any trouble with Windows 10 Pro with this firmware update installed or while installing?
Also I read on LG site when I was downloading it that I had to disable AV and many other programs etc to install this firmware.
Is that really necessary to install this firmware update?



I’d be shocked if you had an issue running the update on Windows 10. Should be fine.

And I don’t think I’ve ever disabled antivirus tools while flashing a drive, so I’d say there’s no need to. Kinda hard to make these drives permanently fail due to a bad flash these days. At the same time, it’s probably a good idea to close everything anyway, since it’s probably recommended to reboot your computer.

When you say your drive is 1.0, does that mean 1.00? And were you offered 1.03?


Thank you for the reply. I shall close any programs I can see running just to be sure.
I checked the drive info in PowerISO and it states firmware is 1.0. I was never prompted for a firmware upgrade when I installed it in Windows 8.1 or any time since. PowerISO also gives me the s/n of the LG drive also. So I figured the firmware version would be correct also.
Is there a more accurate program that I can try to show the drive info?



ok I just installed the firmware version 1.03-A0 and all went well. PowerISO is now showing ver. 1.03
Thanks again Albert for your help.



Sorry for the delay, but glad to see it all worked out. :slight_smile:

Even though I suspect you’ll be able to use this drive for a while, pretty much all firmware versions are reported as 4 characters. In this case, it’s 3 numbers plus the period; for other drives, it may be just 4 numbers, 4 letters, or a combination of the two. I guess if PowerISO only showed “1.0” and you now see “1.03”, it was at 1.00. For almost any drive, running a firmware updater shows you the current version & asks if you want to update from that version to the new version.

Happy burning & reading. :slight_smile:


Yes it showed I only had version 1.0 and then installed 1.03 so all good here now.
I had this drive for a year now and finally getting around to burning some home videos and some other backup files on discs.
Thank you again for your replies, greatly appreciate it.