BH12LS35 firmware, AACS and crossflashing xH10/2xS3x


This pertains to the LG BH12LS35, retail box blu-ray burner with lightscribe support. The drive’s auto-update software recommended a flash to 1.01 ( I am relatively certain this caused problems with lightscribe. The drive no longer detects media. Lightscribe diagnostic and etc. were of no assistance (disc ejects and ~“Please insert the lightscribe disc”). I would like to flash back to 1.00 ( The file is gone and the user in this thread has not responded to a PM from last week.

I will contact LG if it comes to it. I expect it will be difficult as it is clear they do not support this model well (it is not even on any of their support sites). A crossflash may be a solution as multiple threads verify the xH10/2xS3x are all alike. This poses a problem as a user has discovered crossflashing may break AACS:

My question(s): Can anyone provide BH12LS35 1.00, or look in to what should be corrected in the current firmware files to allow lightscribe and AACS’ proper function? I personally use a GGW-H20L(K) and crossflashed to YL07, only to find that lightscribe now refuses to burn labels at the dark setting (my Samsung drive in the same system does them, and the LG unit previously did, leading me to suspect lightscribe problems can be tied to firmware).

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After searching everywhere for the firmware (e. g. there is a Spanish 7z file that had a password) I began contacting drive owners. I spoke with “Javelin395” from He replied on the same day and sent the files.

They worked (1.00 207). They should be added to FirmwareHQ and other sites. I will attach them here.

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P. S. This forum has attachment restrictions and the only way this could be uploaded was to switch it to “.pdf”. It is a “.7z” file.

LG BH12LS35 Version 1.00 207.pdf (745 KB)