Bh08ls20 read problems

I have a burner BH08LS20 (firmware 1.0 original)
I have trouble reading the blu-ray disc … depending on the disks is possible that there will be interruption of audio and sometimes video.
Some BD have many interruptions.
Other BD have few interruptions…
in any case the breaks always occur in the same points.
The discs are all original and kept in perfect condition.
I have two BD of the same film, and both jumped into the exact same point.
How could I fix this?
Have you found errors in reading similar to mine described?
A new firmware would solve the problem (2:00 LG Original? EL02-06 moddare? Else?)
If I put moddare EL02-06, I can in the future, change to the original 2.0 LG firmware?
Thank you for your help and I apologize for the bad english.

Which SATA controller is it connected to?

My PC has only two SATA connectors type 1.
I can not remember … but I believe the BD is connected to the first connector. I try to test this evening!

I’ve verified. The BD burning is on th SATA 2° channel!

This doesnt help…

Please check the devicemanager what SATA controller you have.

I hope to provide the correct indication. I’m not speak English and therefore do not quite understand what you say and I write very bad in English. Excuse me.

Via Serial ATA Controller - 0591
Drivers Via Tecnologies, Inc.
Drive date: 02/04/2009
Driver Version: 6.0.6001.282

This is a well-known problematic SATA controller.

I would suggest buying an cheap but reliable SILicon SATA controller card, eg. 3112 or newer.

I tried the drivers that I’ve mentioned but to no avail.
I also tried using windows seven on the same pc … but also with seven o.s, the same problem.

Now, I have also noticed that with my recorder failed to record a disc BD-RE video functions on the PS3, while making sure to observe the rigid structure of Blu-ray. My BH08LS20 recorder writes the disc but it does not work on PS3!
Begin to have some doubt about the recorder.

You had problems with the recording of video discs for PS3?

replace the motherboard or buy pci or pci express sata controller, VIA is quite horrible company.

I have a new. Today I installed an updated version of PowerDVD9! I tried many updates to no avail.
With this update ( the miracle happened. :bow:
I tried already 4 BD and all work without skipping!
I was informed to change the motherboard, but in light of what happened today … I think the change I could do with more time and more analysis of the different possibilities!
I’m very happy:iagree: