Bfg 6800oc

Just installed a bfg 6800oc(replacing a MSI ti4200 8x). My in 3dmarks2001 went from 10,109 to 14,450-doesn’t seem like very much of a jump. In Doom3 I set quality to high and antialiasing to 4x and get 44.7 fps. The hard drive light is on quite often and this seems to be making the video jump. Are there any settings I should be aware of that will lessen the hard drive access or do I just need more memory.

Asus p4p800se
p4 2.8b at 3.15
80gig maxtor c
80gig maxtor d
lg 4081b e
lg 523252 f
bfg6800oc not softmodded
soundblaster live

First off, do you have the latest chipset and video drivers installed? If not, uninstall the old ones and try these:

Chipset (v5.02):

Video (v65.73):

Also make sure that the AGP rate is set to max in “display properties” and finally that your hard-drive has been defragged.