BFEB- What are the advantages

alan1476, mine is UDMA4, burst rate 35 MB/s.

bigmike7, what’s up with the high total PIEs. Compare your TYG02 with mine, like 10x higher! Can you scan with 1640? Hm… I think I need to go back to articulate about this.

Yo Z-

The difference appears that you have done the QS with the 1640 - whilst I have done it with the LiteOn 1693s-

My experience has been that the BenQ’s are reporting much better results than compared with the LiteOns with both CD-DVD Speed’s Quality Scans and Kprobe scans compared-

You appear to have a 1693s and maybe do a scan or two on it and compare the differences-


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Scanning on 1693! From the first 0.5 gb looks the same!

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I don’t see what you are seeing - looks to me that the PIE’s and PIF’s in both sets are very different and the tallys are different also-IMHO :iagree:

btw - my TY batch is GG000098

Ok. I was referring to your total PIE, looks very high for TYG02 @8x. (articulate in this thread also get the same experience, maybe its the media??)
Total PIE:

  • Mine = 17,000-18,000+. Look at my post #18.
  • Yours = 180,000 - 190,000.

Same batch! Mine is Fujifilm branded from bestbuy, old stock (>6 months).

And here’s the 1693S scan as promised. Looks the same with mine post#18-eh? Total PIE is even lower!

Yo Z-

One thing that I noticed - the EEPROM learned discs did not reset to zero with the firmware change - wonder if that would have any bearing on that??

Second scan looks great - btw with both the PIF’s and PIE’s much lower - surprised that the quality score did not go up (?)

Anyway - going to clear the EEPROM and see if that has any bearings on stuff-eh!



Any hints on how to reset the 1640’s EEPROM?



Click on the Clean button in QSuite 2.0 on the Solid Burn tab.

I’ve got both kinds of TY, but primarily use the T02. My max PIE went from approx. 12-14 to 6-8, and the total PIE is generally between 7,000 and 10,000.
I could just be at a sweet point in the stack, haven’t burned very many DVDs with BEFB yet. Here’s my most recent scan:


After flashing my DW1640 to EW164B, I found that, when using a 40 conductor IDE cable, the drive would only go into UDMA Mode 2 with a burst rate of 23 MB/s. However, when using an 80 conductor cable, it would go into UDMA Mode 4 with a burst rate of 37 MB/s.

Are you connecting with an 80 conductor cable?


@mankmeister - yup 80 wire/40 pin

@rolling56 - had the 120dpi set for the desktop - so could not see the “Clean” button - reset it - cleaned it - unloaded the secondary channel drivers - rebooted and here are the tests - the first set is another batch of TYG02 (batch GG000110) - and the next set is back to the original batch (GG000098) after reseting the EEPROM and reboot - not much change except for the way lower PIF in the second batch - but the PIE’s are way too high IMO



ala42 suggested @articulate to change the IDE cable in the other thread. He got the same problem, high total PIEs on TYG02 @8x. Worth a try.

Yo Z-

That is worth a try - will look on Newegg later and see what looks good-

Thanks for hangin’ with me here-eh! I really appreciate yur help-eh!


I just bought a Thermalake IDE cable on NewEGG for 5.00.

Yo M-

Why not swap your HDD cable to your ODD eh! :wink:
Before buying anything eh! :smiley:

looks like classic WOPC to me… turn WOPC off, then burn again. You shouldn’t see those high steps of PIE any more.

One more thing: after upgrading my firmware, I uninstall the ODD in Windows’ device manager before the reboot. Seems to give good results.

Yo everyone-

Bought five Vantec Premium Round shielded cables off Newegg for $5.80 each last night - and am going to swap out all the cables in both 'puters - been meaning to do this for airflow reasons and this issue just pushed it over for me-

Will do the cables first - then try the WOPC thingie - and hopefully all is ok-

@riggits - I always do the driver uninstall with ANY change to the ODD’s - as you know - that is just good practice and solves a whole lot of issues-eh!

Thanks again for the help folks-



OK - got the Vantec Premium cables from Newegg this am - installed and WOPC and OS = off and SB = on burning Taiyo Yuden unbranded from Rima

First shot is of Creating Data Disc

Second shot is BenQ Quality Test

Third shot is LiteOn 1693s Quality Test

Fourth shot is LiteOn 1693s Kprobe

Again the BenQ and the LiteOn do not agree with each other and the scans are not even similar - it is also interesting to note that the difference between the Quality Scans and Kprobe - that the PIF’s are similar but the PIE’s are very different (?)

btw - with the cable change the BenQ now shows as “Ultra DMA Mode 4”


Hi :slight_smile:

I don’t doubt that you switched WOPC off, but your graphs indicate that WOPC is still running. If you used QSuite 2 to turn WOPC off, can I suggest you try Quikee’s WOPC tool. Take a look at my scans 1st with WOPC on. 2nd with WOPC off.

Mike, I see from your sig that your 1693S is not in the same PC with your 1640. How’s the cable there? My point is, regarding the PIE level for TYG02 @8x, I am more toward believing your BenQ scan. I showed you my TYG02 @8x with kprobe & CDSpeed and they are similar, at least both Total PIE are below 20,000. So either the cable to your 1693, or your 1693 drive. :confused: How is the quality of TYG02 burn with your 1693S?