BFEB- What are the advantages

BFEB- What are the advantages to flashing an internal BenQ1640 to BFEB. I have heard it runs at UDMA 4. Is that an advantage, and will it alter my burn in any way. Are the media codes the same?

More bandwidth=slightly less chance of dips at high speeds (since it’s UDMA4, as you pointed out). It’ll also probably help if you try to burn to more than 1 1640 at the same time.

Cons: Doesn’t (yet?) work with the Qscan part of Qsuite.

That’s all I can remember right now…

Thanks, Qyngali.


Where is this BFEB firmware to be found - as it does not show in the 1640 area of the BenQ download site-



It’s listed under EW164B. :slight_smile:
Here’s the direct link:




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On my drive the PIE seems to be basically cut in half. I haven’t scanned on another drive, so it could be improved writing or improved reading, but either way, I’m pretty happy so far. Consistent 98 or 99 quality scan scores with TY media, I haven’t had a single 97 on this particular drive.

I gave that FW a swing and saw no advantage, so I’m back with bslb :bigsmile: My PIE’s are averaging around 2-3, and PIF’s are usually less than .03 average. On T02 +R media I get consistently PIF’s less than 100 total.

Did you see anything different with QSuite 2.0 using BFEB? Before you flashed did you clean the eepfrom? Were you able to flash back to BSLB? I am very interested to try this firmware as I never had a drive operate in UDMA 4. UDMA 2 is what I have now but I believe with the 80 con, 40 pin cable my machine can obtain UDMA 4 with the right drive and firmware. UDMA 4 has to be an advantage over UDMA 2, if it is not please explain, I am trying to learn about this drive. Out of all my drives (about 20) this has been the most challenging to learn.

Like what was previously said, if you are running multiple 1640’s (internal or external), and your burning at the same exact time, then and only then will UDMA 4 help the drive’s performance. UDMA 2 is fast enough for 16x burns. :slight_smile:

Edit: Use Quickee’s new utility to flash back and forth:

@Mike; Did you try this new firmware? If you did please let me know the outcome. I have some good feedback about the UDMA mode from the above post, but my questions about the ripping abilities still are there. Does the boosted burst rate, help with anything or is it overkill. I would love to see a scan from BSLB and then a scan from BFEB on the same drive, same movie. If anyone out there has this please post.

QSuite 2.0 will work fine EXCEPT FOR SCANNING with BEFB firmware, but I can flash back so it doesn’t matter… I never scan before burning anyways. There doesn’t seem to be any point, if you use TY media.
I do not recall cleaning the EEPROM, suspect that flashing did that for me :slight_smile:
Generally, ripping is limited more by the disc condition (I have some really choice ones) than by interface speed. I’ve seen 3.6x average and 12x average for ripping since I flashed, don’t think there’s any difference there at all.
The only real, consistent difference is that my PIE total is about half the previous amount. I only burn @ 8x.

Yo riggits-

Have tried flashing from the BSLB to the BFEB and nothing happens - wonder why - must be missing a link here somewhere - duh

I downloaded Quickees flasher but get the “missing wnaspi.dll” message - yet nero shows its aspi as being installed - wtf?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated-



bigmike, did you use the cvt and windwflash?
Here’s the BFEB cvt.

Hi :slight_smile:
You need winaspidll in same directory.

Oops, you edited your post, bigmike. :slight_smile:

riggits, which TY – TYG02 or YUDEN000T02? I tried TYG02 and the PIE level is the same for both firmwares. Probably you have a better discs when you burn with BFEB.


Well got it to work - after some work and help from my fellow freaks (thanks guys) and here goes on Taiyo Yuden TYG02 unbranded from Rima AND Quality Scanned on my LiteOn 1693s which gives a more realistic scan than the BenQ’s IMO-

Both firmwares appear to give similar results - one thing that I noted was that the UDMA stayed at “2” for both firmwares-

Has anyone had success in burning Taiyo Yuden TYG01 (4x) medias with the BFEB firmware? - Let me know if you can do it as I still have over half a 100 cakebox left of the TYG02’s from the great Value Medias sales of the past few months-

Thanks again-


So what is your opinion. Did you check your UDMA. Was it in UDMA 4 or 2.What was the burst rate?