BF2 MD5sum errors

ok I’ll try to make this short. I burned an iso of all three BF2 CD’s that I purchased using MagicISO. I mounted them with daemon 3.47 . However, when installing it keeps saying I have a bunch of MD5 sum erros on particular files and asks to retry yes or no?. If I click yes it will come up with the same MD5 sum error as before. If I click no it continues until it shows me the next MD5 sum error and all the MD5 errors are for different files. It will complete the installation, but when I mount the BF2 CD1 it will start up but then crash saying that something is missing. Thanks for any of your help.

well, I have the dvd disc. . and I am getting the exact same problem. md5s through install, completes, then start crash to windows. i have been on the phone with ea, theyre useless. . .

and mine is NOT a copy. .what are your system specs? perhaps its our drives. .

use a program like clonecd or blindwrite to make images of your cd’s, magiciso won’t get all the info from the cd that IS NEEDED for the disc to run properly.

you didn’t happen to buy it from ebay did you?

no, bought it at eb games. . as for making images of the disc, i didnt use a program, i just used explorer to transfer the files. . .