BF2 & Alc120/cdclone/Blindwrite images



ok, this will be a very detailed thread, i hope in the course of writing this i’m able to make sence. I purchased bf2 in pcdvd version (wow what a mistake) I own all the battlefield series games and have made succcesfull images with alc120, I usually mount them so i dont scratch my original discs. I have read most of the threads here and i wish to not duplicate old threads. I’m not able to make a succesfull image once mounted on vdrive. I changes the name of vdrive as i read here in so many threads. I dl clone cd and new profiles, all clone cd can see is dvd and does not gime me a option for safedisck, securerom and so on. . . . ok, now, i went to get blindwrite as my last and only other alternative, it made a iso image, but once again it failed to bypass gameprotection. It’s safe to say that as long as theres dvd-+ and cd-rs we will never ever be able to make exact clone copies without ignore media or software emulation. I read about mini images, but if play online, and u know EA is going to put a $hitload of patches, how can i edit hex in mini images without screwing up my game once patches and even worst, will punkbuster classify hex editing as a cheat ?

All i want is to be able to play my game without running the original dvd.
Lets defeat this evil that is the game protection industry. reply if u have acurate answers or serious suggestion. BTW makes no sence to buy inadecuate software as alc120/Blindwrite/clonecd if it doesnt make clone copies as they claim to be. :a


Read here:

Then once you have made your mini-image, download and install “Anti-Blaxx” then restart your PC, mount the mini-image, and play!.

As far as I know you can still play on legit servers using the mini-image, providing you have a legit key of course.

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oh thanks, but on my alchool it does not give me the option to set 1x speed, and remember that it is a pc-dvd not a pc cd rom.



Just read it then at the lowest speed you can then, 1x is just the ideal, it should still work at maximum.

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it doesnt give me a option for lower speeds, its set at maxximum. And ive gonne to setting to tweak it.


btw, what do ppl mean when they say reinstall alc and rename drivers? i renamed virtual drivres, but can u rename drivers ?


Uninstall Alcohol, then install it again, when it start check the “Expert Installation” box, then carry on the instalation as normal, until you get to a box that asks you to enter the drivers names, they should be called “a347scsi” and “a347bus”, rename them to something like “a123scsi” and “a123bus”. However if you have Anti-Blaxx you don’t need to do this.

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yes, i did that and my pc crashes when it starts to install drivers.
I did however learn new alc 120 setting, ive been using alc for like 2 yrs and dint know those setting meant anything. TY.


Drivers for what, Alcohol or Anti-Blaxx?


drivers for virtual drive on alc120


Read speed for DVD’s is not selectable in Alcohol 120%
I’m not sure if this affects everyone, but I don’t know of anybody who can select it.


ya for some reason u cannot select the read speed so should i do as u said re-install alc and re-name the drivers? and is this safe? i dont want to ruin my cd-rom and dvd-+rw drive thing… and is this reversable if i uninstall alc? cuz i also purchased the dvd version of BF2 and mygod i cannot make a mini image of it lol im stumped aswell