BF1943 and Pletor 24X

I don’t know how any of you might have got the BattleField 1942 to burn sucessfully cause I think I tried everything. I used cdrw media along with cdr and I added the patch for aws du to the united states restrictions. I also used the templates after I downloaded the new ones. I slowed the recorder to 10 X and burned again with both media. Please help.

I am using win xp and clone cd with a plextor 24X

Strange dude, I help you with this on irc and I don’t know the problem.
I burn it perfect with my plex 24 from a clonecd image.
Using the cdfreaks SD 2.5xx profiles.

Can somebody help please?

You may need to use Betablocker to patch the image, seeing as you are using a Plextor.

hmmmm I looked at betablocker and it did not patch any sectors. Maybe I will try it again

i have a plex 24x…and i have copied BF1942 with ease…what i have found out that since it is a “one sheep” burner it can still smoke any of the latest sd2 game (2.70.052-----Madden 2003) which this one uses 2.60.052…for the error correction use “hardware” let the plex “identify” those errors…i have found out that this is compatible with other cdroms/dvd drives/cd writers when trying to install the game on other comps…never use “none” for error correction only if you have a burner that needs “AWS”…use “software” correction if your burner supports “correct efm aka two sheep burner”…when using hardware correction it does take about 30 minutes to make the image, since it “identifies” each sector…but hey at least you get a backup that works in 95% of hardware that is out there…go ahead try this out you will be amazed

read the image at “max”
write the image at “max”
do not use regenerate data sectors
do not use read subchannel data

ok I really appreciate you time, however I was so pissed at the time I took in trying it that I sold it to someone else and was thinking of getting the lite on 40 X and was going to get the Plextor 48 X to see what one could handle it better.