BF1942 and my stats

Wehoow I didn’t even know I was being logged (you know internet and privacy ;)) but it seems that logged my accomplishments :slight_smile:

So here is me.
Not too bad at all if you ask me, I’m ranked at place 490 out of 99260 players total :slight_smile:

Now go on click that BF1942 icon and join the battle!
I always go under the name Airhead[.se]

You should start a CDFreaks Team

Airhead: CHARGE!
New Recruit: Hold on, my Lite-On’s jammed
Helpful but gay muscle bound rifleman: Did you load the ASPI layer in the right way?
New Recruit: Yeah yeah. Solved the problem. The Safeburn was on

And I should buy that game:) , everyone seems to love it.

Hehe :slight_smile:
Of course everyone loves it, it’s so much fun flying a plane and doing a HALO attack (High Altitude Low Opening) on somebody.
You jump out and you fall screaming and farting to the ground (where your enemy is), you open your chute 2 meters above ground and stab him with your knife!
Or ru somebody over with a Tiger, or throw depthcharges at that poor fellow whose ship you just sunk :slight_smile: