BF1942 1.4 Patch out

This is the official 1.4 patch for Battlefield 1942. It includes tons of cool fixes and additions and should push BF1942 to new heights.

For a starter you will notice that sounds have been improved considerably in 1st person view such as increased volume of impacts, louder grenade explosions and a new sound for the Axis Assault rifle STG44. The scoreboard has been enhanced as well and now shows current server’s name, IP address, map name and each player’s ID number. Surprisingly there’s also a blood effect for additional feedback when you are hitting another soldier. Until now BF1942 was quite conservative in that respect.

Other changes include a fixing of the Tank Repair exploit (tanks will no longer be able to make repairs in the airplane hanger) and other cheats as well as two new guns: The DP 1928 and the Type 99.

Get it here

Let’s see if they’re keep with their habit of upgrading the SD protection…

I believe that was the leaked (Japanese) version of the 1.4 patch since it is now gone. Just as EA had leaked the 1.3 patch (Taiwanese).


First they said that it was the official patch but then they changed their minds… Oh well, it’s working great and lots of servers are playing it so what the hell :slight_smile:

official one out. Just tried it. Blood splatter & new guns. :slight_smile:

Yes they fixed quite a lot in this patch, haven’t tried it out yet but it sounds great! I bolded the ones that make me happy :slight_smile:

Patch 1.4 Readme File


New Features
  a.. Support for Q-Tracker.
  b.. Added ability to reserve slots with a password.
  c.. Added spawn points for some airfields.
Bug Fixes
  a.. Support to use the same remote console port on two different BF1942
  b.. Remote console now works on Windows 98/Me.
  c.. The free camera is now predicted on the client to give better control.
  d.. Underscores now work for remote commands executed from the in-game

New Features
  a.. The console command Soldier."CameraShakeFactor 1.0>" toggles the
camera shake in 1st person on/off.
  b.. Two new weapons replacing earlier weapons used in the game.
  c.. Type 99- Japanese Assault rifle
  d.. DP 1928- Russian Assault rifle
Improvement of game feeling
  [b]a.. Slight delays when turning, jumping and pulling out new weapons for a
smoother and tighter experience.[/b]
  b.. Recoil animations changed.
  [b]c.. Improved Death Cam: can now be configured to disable `Reveal Killer'[/b]
Gameplay Fixes
  [b]a.. AA Guns do not cause splash damage when hitting sandbags.[/b]
  b.. Mines now detonate when vehicles go in reverse over them.
  [b]c.. Infantry can now aim a full 180 degrees up and down in the 1st person[/b]
  d.. Camera shakes when firing weapons mounted on vehicles.
  e.. A pixel added to the center of the cross hair (server option).
  [b]f.. Disabled ability to repair land-based vehicles in hangars.[/b]
  [b]g.. Rear gunner for Stuka/SBD/Ai-chi-val now have cross hair.[/b]
  [b]h.. Added friendly mine indicators to HUD.[/b]
  i.. Increased bayonette damage to cause instant kill.
  j.. Deviation time goes back to normal after running faster.
  k.. Less damage to planes from stationary machineguns.
  l.. Road to Rome bombers re-balanced.
Physics improvments
  a.. The collision bug where you could push another player into an object
or building has been fixed .
Graphical Improvements
  a.. New and improved parachute landing animation in 1st person view.
  b.. Lightmaps on ships implemented. ATI Radeon cards might not render
these correctly.
  c.. Increased visual effect for AA-gun airplane hits.
  d.. Improved hit particle effect when shooting at infantry.
  e.. Road to Rome British soldiers get the Sten Gun.
  f.. Faulty Defgun death effect fixed.
  g.. Fixed a bug with B17 flaps that caused them not to appear on clients.
  h.. Bazooka/Panzerschrek smoke trails changed.
  a.. Improved pre-caching when loading maps, reducing stalls when new
objects are loaded in during game.
Sound Improvements and Optimizations
  a.. New and improved Sounds in 1st person view
  b.. Increased volume of impacts
  c.. Louder explosions for grenades
  d.. New Sound for the Axis Assualt rifle STG44
  a.. Scoreboard now shows current server's name, IP address and Map name.
  b.. Scoreboard now lists player ID for all players.
  c.. Buddylist is now saved to profile and retained between maps.
  d.. Text messages and kill messages from buddies are color coded green.
  e.. Bug causing the display of text messages and playing of radio messages
when map start in a MP game fixed.
  f.. Screenshots can now also be taken of the score board.
  g.. Paste (Ctrl-V) in 'Add Server' box added.
  h.. Voting system feedback improvements added.
  i.. You can see what vote is currently active (which map or player is
being voted for).
  j.. You can see how many votes that have been cast and how many that are
necessary for the votes to be successful.
  k.. When a vote has failed you get to know which one and why (how many
voted for it and how many were necessary).
AI Improvements
  a.. AI bots more responsive to radio commands.

Content check currently only works with official Battlefield 1942 and RTR
files/maps. If you try to run a server with a user-created map/mod installed
and turn content check on, clients might not be able to join.

If you try to connect to a Road to Rome server that is running a Road to
Rome map and you don't have Road to Rome installed, you will see a "data
differs from server" message.

1.4 patch works great.
don’t know if it changes the SD protection, but both my BF:1942 and Road To Rome backup disks work perfect still.

Anyone who haven’t tried it yet, download Eve of Destruction 11% demo, it’s the coolest mod out there! Far better than DC!