Bezerk" Fake"



Hi Guys
Bezerk cds is a FAKE..


And your name is???

PLease post more info. why do you know that fact or were have read it.

please be so kind to post more info!

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its no 9hahahahahahahahahahah





Bezerk is a fake??? Ohhh man! Shit!
Were did u hear that? And are u sure?



Explain a bit, will ya, otherwhise i’ll have to shut this topic down due lac of information




No one I now in Denmark have got any Bezerk cds…
And they had all they others…
Silverado.Vegas.Boi.Frozen you name it
but no one have BEZERK…
and my dealer says is`s a FAKE
check out the list not all the progs are on the street…
And you afbeil have a nice :slight_smile:


Well, i got a mail from no9 and it louds as follow :

I am No 9
I have contatcs whit a big dealer in Denmark
he has given me a lot of info around Blade and Akira,and they was all tru…
why would he lie
see you around

-------CyberWare Crew-------

So i hope that things are cleared out now.




some days ago bezerks website said that only 2 dealers in denmark will sell it. so that dosn’t mean that its the one u know. and they also wrote that there will only be a special amount out. personally i dont give a fuck anyway. i get blade anyway
maybe its a fake maybe its not. whocares!


I also think it’s a fake. See what we got in the mail today:

sorry we had to quit the scene due to personal issues.
sorry to all u guys who has been ordering

u know who


so the topic is cleared berzerk cd’s are fake.


Damn it!!! I was looking forward to Bezerk!
Well, then i gotta stick to Blade then…damn i’m getting tired of all those Fakes, first Myth, Asia and now Bezerk…


That’s life, personally i think, that you better wait a few weeks until some other pple ordered it, and see what their reaction was.
Not directly say, whow; an new warez cd, let’s buy it.

Now you see why!!




Hmmm Radzor, u told me that Bezerk was working on the same spot as you, and you are the source of most rumors. I still think that you are playing around with us…

 ********** THE END ***********