Beyond USB3, with UASP

I just posted the article Beyond USB3, with UASP.

Today I’m examining USB3 UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol).
UASP allows NCQ over USB, and therefore scalable queue depth performance.
But how will UASP perform?
Let’s find out in this article.

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Thanks for this. We have not relegated our USB External Purchases in this regard, but we will from now on.

A great review, thanks! This definitely influences our purchasing focus.

Great article Dee! :clap:

I haven’t seen this stuff mentioned before until now.


Impressive difference for the same transmission speed.

3000000000/8/1024/1024 = 357.62MB … Max, without efficiency losses.

My 2010 mobo still has usb 2.0, not 3.0. I may but a PCIE card on the cheap before upgrading my PC-- that is if I have a need for it… like usb 3 flash drive or ext hard drive… but for the average consumer, there isn’t a pressing need to blazing fast. The next iteration usb 4 will be a notch above SATA6 speeds and the throughput arms race will continue. SATA hedges it’s bets with ESATA… just waiting in the wings for USB to stumble… so far so good.

i found this similar high-rated hdd dockingstationwith USB3 UASP mode on, the price is almost half than ThermalTake.

Welcome to the forum [B]busitechnode[/B].
That USB3 dock is a nice find, and thanks for sharing it with us.

I found one for about US$15 made by Sarotech of South Korea. Both pages are in Korean. The model name is PROBOX CLASSIC 6G FHD-265U3-6G. Dimension 130 mm width, 79 mm length, 15 mm height. 90 gram.

Sarotech is South Korea’s most expensive brand for HDD and ODD enclosures, docking stations, copiers, etc.