Beyond Compare

With programs like beyond compare i would compare written data to data already on the pc.
How does it work though would it compare them by sectors or the size of file?
Say i have a divx video on the pc and burned it onto DVD ran beyond compare to compare the files with each other.
If it said one was different would it give a reason why its different?
I just want to know how it scans the files if it does it by sectors would it compare the files by sectors and if theres a sector missing on the burned one would it instantly say so?

Don’t think beyond compare is the right tool for your task… :confused:


MD5summer is another great tool… :wink:

Beyond Compare does a binary comparison. Yes, it will show you where the differences (if any) are. But I think you’re a bit confused about what you are looking for.

argh this must be the first time ive gone over this lol.
K i burned a load of divx video on dvd a few years back and would like to know if i have 100% of the data on the disc with no data loss/corruption.
I have been told a comparison prog like beyond compare is ideal because i can compare it with the version on the pc.
Both exactly the same files.
Does this app tell me if the files are at all different or doesnt it do it like that?
If not what program would tell me?

Yes, of course it will do exactly what you’ve just described. We were simply thrown off because you started talking about sectors and verifying the contents of DVD’s - which is a COMPLETELY different application.