Region 1 disk of Bewitched just spins and spins in 2 of my LG dvd burners and AnyDVD (up to date ver) does not see the disk, nor does my computer for that matter. However, this disk plays without problems on my stand alone Sony and Toshiba players. Anyone have any ideas?

Yes. Give it back, as it does not play on your PC.

I’m no expert but try this.

Try unchecking the “Start AnyDVD at Startup” feature. Then Reboot to remove AnyDVD from Windows Services, and, without AnyDVD running, see if the disk is recognized.

If not, it is probably a hardware problem or a Windows conflict that has just started for you. If it is recognized, then start AnyDVD and see if it becomes “unrecognized” again. If so then I think you could try unchecking some of the features in AnyDVD (in an orderly process of trial and error) to see if ending one of those features makes the disk recognizable.

I suggest unchecking features because I seem to remember past posts that one of these features could cause recognition problems.

Some member with a better memory might remember which feature that was and post here. The possibility that it is the authoring or protection of the DVD original itself should be a last conclusion.

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Just found these posts. Check out page 4 of the Lords Of Dogtown thread after post #86 and checkout the Afterdawn Forum link provided also.

I do not have a hardware issue. I know this because, as I gave up on Bewitched, I managed to back-up Herbie: Fully Loaded and The House of Wax along with a few others. Inbetween all these backups, I kept trying to backup Bewitched. Every time I tried , I got the same thing; continuous spin in the drive and Anydvd not seeing a dvd drive. The computer does not see the movie in the drive at all and clone DVD becomes unresponsive. Actually, the whole computer kinda wanky every time Bewitched is inserted into the computer. I went back to store and got another disc and the same thing happens. So, unchecking anyDvd 's function, or not even running anydvd causes all this non the less. I think its the actual protection on the disc :sad:

So far I’m not able to rip this with AnyDVD It’s a region 1 disc. It completely locked up windows explorer on the first attempt. I’ll mess with it some more. I do have some things running that I probably shouldn’t have at the moment like a VM session. It might be interferring with AnyDVD. I also wouldn’t rule out mastering errors at this point. In any case, I just wanted to report that I have not been successful as of yet. I don’t give up easily though. :slight_smile:

Ok, but one guy on the link above got it to work. Are both your drives LG & same model? Do you have another drive laying around you could plug in and try for recognition? Different models and firmwares of both rippers and burners sometimes gets results.

How could one guy get it to work and another not … got to be a variable to find here. Sorry I can’t jump in with my own tests but I don’t want to spend the money for a movie that doesn’t interest me as much as some of the other releases this week. I just blew $$ on House of Wax and Dominion.

My Laptops NEC + and girlfriends HP -/+ has the same results as my two LG’s

To Forum Members having problems with the Bewitched DVD Movie Title strongly suggest sending information on this DVD Title to both Elaborate Bytes and SlySoft for analyzing so if there is a new variant on a copy protection scheme that they can improve the AnyDVD software program. Below is information on how to send the required information to both Elaborate Bytes and SlySoft.

1.) DISABLE AnyDVD (little fox on the taskbar should be gray).

2.) Navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD.

3.) Copy all files ending with .IFO to your Hard Disk. ONLY those with .IFO, not the big .VOB files!

4.) ENABLE AnyDVD again (just in case, so you don’t forget it).

5.) ZIP the .IFO files to one file. Name it with a cool filename (e.g., Bewitched_Problem_Movie.Zip)

6.) Write an email to support(at) (replace (at) with @) and also to bugs(at) (replace (at) with @). Name your problem, try to identify the disc (e.g, Bewitched, R1, USA), the UPC number if possible (below the barcode on the package). The information output of AnyDVD can be helpful as well.

7.) They like if you include the AnyDVD version and your AnyDVD serial number in this mail. You find this information in the Settings Window -> About.

8.) Attach ZIP file with the IFOs and send it.

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Looks like bjkg thinks we may be waiting for Slysoft or Elby to catch up on this one. Still don’t understand why the guy on the link above got it to work. Maybe he was talkin thru his hat.

As for DVD decrypter, I had to run it first before I inserted the disk otherwise it could not recognize the drive :doh: I have never ever had this problem before. I am decrypting as we speak and will see if I can get it to burn.


Step 2 DOES not work for me, as it almost paralyzes my computer once that stupid disk is in the drive. My computer does not see the disk/movie AT ALL. Replaced it with others and all works fine.

I got it to rip fine with dvd decrypter by itself. in fact, dvd decrypter said it just had CSS and nothing else. AnyDVD shows CSS and no ARccOS.

Perhaps it is a mastering error that is screwing you guys up.

Not a mastering error in my case. An external hard drive that’s being a royal pain in my @$$. I’m able to rip it just fine with

DVD decrypter stops at 10%

Decrypter and anydvd worked fine for me.

I managed a new work around that Oli suggested last time when I had trouble with Darkman 2… I managed to get the disk recognized and just extracted the VIDEO_TS file to my hard drive.

For those having trouble, can you post those instructions? Like I said, I was able to get it to rip just fine once I took my external drive out of the equation, but, others appear to still be having trouble.

CloneDvd and AnyDvd apparently NOW WORK after all this trouble. Just tried it the way I always copy movies and it worked without fail :clap: Could it possibly be 2 bad disks from store? :confused:

Could definitely be a bad batch with mastering errors, yea. All this for a movie I don’t even want to watch. I got it for my wife and daughter. sigh. :slight_smile: