Bewitched Season 2

Has anyone tried (successfully) to back up these DVDs? If so, I’d love to know how. I’ve tried DVDfab Decrypter, DVD Decrypter, VOB Blanker, DVD Rebuilder, Smart Ripper, and nothing seems to want to know.

What about the latest version of anydvd, have you tried it?

Well, I tried the trial version, but didn’t really get very far with that either. But, being less familiar with that, I might have been doing something wrong.

Well it’s very easy, you could use it running in the background in combination with another prog or just right click on the fox(taskbar), select rip video-dvd to hd that’s all.
Or just drag&drop the video_ts folder to your hd.

Sorry for the delay in responding – I’ve gone back and tried anydvd (demo version) again, and I’m impressed! So impressed in fact that I bought the licence key. Great product! Thank a lot.