Bewildering choice .... help please!



I’m about to get my first dvd burner and although I’ve spent a lot of time reading reviews etc I’m still unsure as to which way to jump… this is partly because when you are starting with zero knowledge on the subject, the positives and negatives mentioned in reviews often actually don’t mean a great deal to you. Nevertheless, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 models (I hope any one would be a reasonable choice) which are LG GSA-4166, Benq 1655 and NEC 4571. My concern is that I might be missing something important! Are these good choices? Are there any significant performance differences or benefits of one particular drive over the others? If you could only own one drive, which one would you choose and why?
Any thoughts and advice would be very welcome.


Personally I would choose NEC as that’s the brand I have the longest experience with and my old 2500A is still working. I currently have a BenQ 1640, crossflashed from a Philips 1628, and it’s doing it’s job too, but I have only had this PC a few months so not enough time for me to decide fully.

BenQ and NEC are pretty good makers of writers. If you are not interested in scanning go for the NEC as it doesn’t do the full scanning that BenQ can do. The is one downside to NEC writers and that is they are not that good a reader, so a disc may be unreadable in an NEC but readable in a ROM or BenQ writer. If you have a seperate DVD-ROM this is not too much of a consideration for you.


JayC30’s advice is sound. Each of us on the forum have our own brand preferences, based upon experiences we’ve had with our own pcs. I personally prefer Pioneer or Benq… LG is okay too. Most of the big brand stuff is fine. Steer clear of the unknown generics. You save a little but you might end up with a dud. BTW welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:


LG make excellent burners (as do Pioneer :iagree: ), but I haven’t any experience of the model you’ve picked. So I too would follow JayC’s advice. :iagree:

Oh, and as advised, steer clear of generic drives - you could end up with a BTC :Z (I’ll get lynched by the BTC peeps now :bigsmile: ).


I personally would recommend the Benq 1655. It’s the only burner that I’ve liked well enough to buy a 2nd one. I have 3 Benqs total, and no problems out of any.

I also have a NEC 3500, but it hardly ever is used. And a Lite-On 1635s that is not currently in a PC, that I replaced with a Benq.

Just my opinion.


If I had to choose from the three it would be the Benq 1655. They are excellent DVD and CD burners. I own several Benq,s and all burn extremely well. I haven’t played around with the 1655 to much (just got it) but seems th burn as good as the others. The only thing lacking on the Benq,s is the ability to scan for C1-C2 errors on CDR,s.


Thanks one and all for your thoughts and advice … it really is appreciated.
Doesn’t seem to be a [U]great[/U] deal of difference between the Benq and NEC so now it’s ‘make your mind up’ time … think I’ll hunt around for the best deal on both models and see what that throws up!
Thanks again.


Here’s the thing if you see a BenQ1650 for cheaper go for it, as it is generally the same as the 1655 but without lightscribe, the way I understand them anyway someone will correct me if I am wrong, and unless you plan on using the lightscribe discs it is not worth the extra.



Are you sure about that?
Look at this scan of great media from the supermarket branded “Burn Me” :bigsmile:


Hehe, this is even better
(branded “Multitec”, apparently also from a supermarket)


Thats great. My other Benqs wont read C2, nevr tried with the 1655! :clap:



It was hard to find such a bad disc :bigsmile: At the moment I’m scanning that disc with Kprobe and my Liteon CDRW-Drive. Will post the results then.



LOL @ the “Burn Me” disc (hilarious name!) :bigsmile:

As JayC said, I’d go for the 1650 if Lightscribe isn’t required. :slight_smile:


:bigsmile: NOMEN EST OMEN :bigsmile:


ROTFL :bigsmile: :iagree: