Beware Prodisc R03s from accaproducts

I never was really impressed with prodiscs new R03 8x dvd+r media. At the start of my 50 cake i was getting ok burns at 8x but now in the middle of the cake this is what im getting. consistent from 3 different burners. :Z

bought this from accaproducts…i really liked the Prodisc R02 media burns at 8x so much better than this crud…plus the R02 media is much thicker and the dye seems better. Oh well so much for prodiscs…

burned at 8x from benq 822A (simular burns with plextor 712A and NEC 2500A)

So, what’s your comments about the R02 from acca? I’m considering about that.

from the 3 50 cakes i bought from them they were all excellent, much better than the R03s imho.

Heya Jamos, just wondering if you’re still having problems with the ProdiscR03 media?
Are all of your burns still producing large spiking near the end of the discs?

well from my only cake i bought yes…it started around the 10th or so disk and has been constant since. i can see the physical flaw on the end of the disk (looks like dye is just misssing in a small circle). maybe I got a bad batch not sure…but really the r02s burn so much better at 8x than the r03s even when i had nodefective ones im wondering why they even bothered making the r03s should of just recertified the r02s for 8x.

I’m trying to make up my mind about these 8x Prodisc.
I got a few disc from my sister that she ordered from Supermedia. They seem ok so far.
Heres a 8x burn with my 800@830.

that looks very good…like i said it was a cake of 50 from accproducts…could just be a bad batch.

i was just researching media since i haven’t seen any good rebate sales lately and i wandered over to and found this

I heard you guys have 30 days money back guarantee already, but what is this 60 days money back guarantee and 180 days product exchange? Prodisc is a high quality DVD-R media brand. We are 200% confident on its performance and quality, therefore we want to make our customers feel as confident as we are. 30 days money back guarantee is good, but 60 days money back guarantee and 180 day product exchange guarantee makes your confidence with us even stronger.

too bad mine was dvd+R

Hmm. R03s don’t seem so bad… :wink: