Beware of Nero Update

Was using Nero and updated to Nero ( Package 1 ) today. On restarting the PC, I get a message that "Messenger has encountered a problem and needs to close " . Also my Pinnacle PCTV card gives the same error when I launch it. Uninstalling the update and reverting to my earlier version solves the problem. Seems to be a serious bug in the new version.

Indeed, my Winfast TV card no longer functions after the .15 update. Uninstall and reinstall the .13 update fixes it. Even reinstalling the Winfast software and drivers does not fix it, only removing nero fixes it. Thanks for posting this, I was about to restore from backup. Nasty bug.

I tried the update and now wave editor is broken.

i am having wierd problems too, with suddenly non english characters make the file unreadable after burns, and dvd+r burning (ricoh 4x@6x) became not that reliable either. (some drives do not read that read before)

i am going back to maybe…

a shame…

I updated as well, but haven’t noted any problems as of yet.

what do you mean by wave editor is broken ? Mine “appears” to work OK, but I would like to replicate what you are doing to check.

it’s as simple as I click on it and nothing happens. lol.

I’ve reintsalled three or four times and nothing. I cleaned the registry thoroughly with “jv16 Power Tools” and still nothing.


I suppose that qualifies as being “broken”…

Did the problem go away when/if you went back to the previous version?

I havent tried yet, but if the problem persists then it has to be because I tried SP2 2138 for WinXP.
Ill let you know, I dont have anything to burn so it wasn’t a priority 'til now.

I have experienced none of the above problems but noticed a weird thing with High Compatibility mode.

When trying to burn a dvd-video on a Ricoh R01 DVD+R, the burn fails at the beginning with the message " Burn fails trying to write High Compatibility Borders" or something alike. Fortunately, the media was untouched.

I am wondering what borders have to do with DVD+R and what “High Compatibility Borders” mean.

Turning off the High Compatibility mode did the trick.

I never saw that message with previous versions up to

Greetings Earthlings,

Add me to the list…

-> “Queue again later” while finalising with my Sony DRU-500A (FW 2.1a) on a 1x Verbatim Data Life Plus DVD-RW. Disc is readable though…

I’ll have to try, if a downgrade will solve this issue.



Same here. I’ve notified Ahead. We’ll have to wait for another “fix”.

I went back to 6.3.02 and it worked well.
Unlike you guys , I don’t keep the old updates.
Had to borrow that version from my neighbour

I upgraded to last night, and burned one DVD backup; no problems…I hope it stays that way; have just in case though…

does anyone have Nero OEM, purchased separately as such? my burner did not come with it…other burners did, but not the burner i needed/wanted (NEC 2500A)

well it’s not poor Nero’s fault… I installed on my brothers Windows 2003 and it installed and works like a charm.

Therefore I conclude that it’s something on my system that offends it, maybe its SP2 , maybe it’s something else…whatever it is, I have to wait for another version or the proper release of SP2.

You know, I was thinking that may be the case too with XP SP2, as there are other strange problems with it, but check my other thread out for some wierd happenings…


I had the same problem with Msn Messenger and Winfast TV XP deluxe, crash all the time.
Uninstall Nero and back to previous version and everything goes well.

It’s been working flawlessly for me under Win2K.

I was running Nero for a week or two and burning Princo DVD-R 4x discs fine and some Melody and Mitsubishi discs and then i tried a Verbatim DVD-RW 2x disc last night and it wouldn’t do anything . After a while it came up illegal disc during writing the lead-in. I then tried a Princo disc and it did the same thing.
So i upgraded to Nero and tried a +RW and it was ok. I did notice a new Nero message when writing the lead-out (Writing Short lead-out). I then tried the -RW and it failed writing the lead-out after this new message with something like ‘Invalid operation’.
I tried the Princo +R and it burnt fine, but it took longer to write the lead-out. At least 20-30 seconds.

Anyone have any comments, thoughts?


Ive upgraded from to and started having
“pma update failure” error at the end of my DVD-R burns
(lead-out), resulting in a coaster…

…went back to and its all fine again.


If any of guys wants to have an old version of Nero, you can download from here: