Beware of MS Security Center Service!

I have been tormenting myself for 3 weeks trying to get the error count down on my 812@832, 411s, NEC 3500. Went as far as 3 clean installs of XP Pro, nothing helped. I thought it may have been related to the new NEC 3500 I installed at the time these errors appeared so I removed it,… still high counts on the Liteys (as high as 1200 PIE). So I started stopping services and low and behold, it was the Security Center Service XP has running to monitor the Virus Protection and Firewall. I think it’s unique to SP2 because I don’t remember seeing the service before installing SP2.
After stopping it the errors on my new burns went done to 20 to 30. The scanning was legit because they wouldn’t play w/o skipping in my Sony set top DVD Player.


*note: this was happening on RICOHJPNR02 – 01 and TY’s. all +R and even RITEK 03 –R.

Later, RK

Glad you found the problem. I know how aggravating it must have been. I’ve not installed SP2, don’t plan to, and now have another reason not to!