Beware of Mod & Premod fraud

I purchased (or tried to) a pre-mod from and it never arrived. The service number was disconnected. No reply to repeated emails. No communication and no PS2. After 2 months I gave up and reported the credit card charge as fraudulent.
I got my money back but nobody should have to go through such a hassle.
I found another place to order from and they sent me a half broken Slimline Premod with a HD Connect. The HD Connect is completely defective and the PS2 only plays about 50% of my backups.
I will reply or add on to this thread once I found out if the store will make good on their warranty and replace the console.
I’ll let you know the URL and the name of the store if they don’t.

Well that is good to know, but really man, you could save yourself alot of hassle and ask around on the net to find out reliable sites.

Add to the list of shady vendors.

I ordered a Qoob bundle from them on 30 July 05 with 2-4 delivery (FedEX). My credit card was charged immediately. All emails I have sent since have been ignored. 40 days later all I have is a stiff credit card charge. :a

Unfortunately, my experience turns out to be typical, see:

Then do as bjhgames has done and report the credit card charge as fraudulent

I have. I warned Modwhiz by email I would do this. This email was ignored by Modwhiz, like the rest.

The reason I am posting is to warn others so that they don’t go through what I, and many others, have had to go through. :sad:

I don’t know about the other Xenium SPICE dealers out there, but let me share with you my experience about this shady company ( Almost two weeks after I charged my order for a Xenium SPICE, I receive the kit. It was missing two washers and after an exhaustive 6 hours, I gave up and wrote them e-mails after e-mails asking them for tech. supp. Help! Well, after about a week, I get a response showing me what to look for and if it is still not working, to send it back to Canada. If after testing, they discover that nothing was wrong with it, they would send it back to me at my cost, otherwise they’ll replace it. Sounds good! After some more testing, I decided on sending it to them. It is now almost one month since I sent it to them and no one over there even knows what the status of the damn chip is. I am now left with no choice, but to dispute the charge on my credit card. I wrote them an e-mail giving them a piece of my mind and am now posting everywhere on the internet in hopes of saving anyone else from making the same mistakes. Buying from is a huge mistake. :disagree: