Beware of "Lets Go to Prison" movie

I bought this movie and backed it up using anydvd and clonedvd. I just wanted the movie itself, but be careful, there are two sets of movies.

Title 1 is 1hr 29 min
Title 2 is 1hr 29 min, the difference is title 2 is a couple of seconds shorter, so I choose to backup title 2…Sucess!.
I think Title 1 is bogus so be careful.

Haven’t looked at it yet peggy, but generally it’s just a different angle.

@ peggypwr1,

Perchance in CloneDVD did you Preview (View) each of the Title Sets to see what they actually are? On some DVD Movies the two different Title Sets are for WideScreen and FullScreen views. Sometimes the different Title Sets are for different angles. On some DVD Movies the different Title Sets are for FullScreen and Pan & Scan. When you encounter a DVD Movie like this should Preview each of the Title Sets to establish exactly what the Tile Sets are.


Last weeks “A Good Year” had 2 title sets. One had the “good” movie and the other had the movie with interviews and extras mixed in. AS far as I could tell it was just another tactic to trip you up.

“Let’s Go To The Movies” DVD contains both the “R” rated and “Unrated” versions on the same disc. The longer version is the “Unrated” version.

As far as “A Good Year,” the longer version is the making-of documentary woven into the actual film. The shorter version is film only.

For Let’s Go To Prison , 1 version is unrated, the other version is the theatrical release.

Wow~ I can’t even get my Media Center to recognize it as a DVD. It thinks it’s a blank CD! Any suggestoins?

Does it work in a standalone player?

Yes, plays fine.

Try re-booting your computer. That usually works for me when that occurs. :cool:

Capt., you have no idea. I’ve tried everything from uninstall/reinstall AnyDVD, DVD Decrypter, etc. and now I’m trying a full restore.