Beware of falling peanut crumbs in your drive tray! (BenQ 1620 Pro)



So … I just get done burning a YUDEN000 T02 @ 8x with WOPC off.

SCAN #1:
Scan the disc, and everything likes fine.

SCAN #2:
I was curious if the results would change if I turn WOPC back on again. So, I scan the disc … and, holy smokes!!! Where the heck did all the PIF’s come from?

All the horror stories posted through the BenQ forums started to run through my mind. … so, I calm down and eject the disc to take a look at the burn surface. I behold some spec’s of dust and 3 noticeable “smudges”. Compressed air doesn’t seem to remove the smudges, so I carefully wipe those areas. 2 of 3 smudge areas ( at outer 1/4th edge of disc ) are successfully cleaned off … leaving 1 smudged (possibly scratched) area.

I’m about to put it back in the tray to re-scan, when I notice something in the outer ring of the drive tray. … I think (but wasn’t too sure) it was like a tiny crumb of a peanut!!! In my haste and frustration, I pick it up and toss it in the trash ( in hindsight, I should’ve taken a closer look at it ). Thereupon, blasting the tray with compressed air like a team of Special Force Delta’s hot on the trail of Al Quieda thugs.

Scan #3:
The disc gets re-inserted (everything gets blasted with compressed air), and I attempt another scan. Lo-and-behold … back to normal again.

The moral of the story is to make sure your drive tray is “clean” before attempting a scan … unless you can afford to throw away discs after an unsatisfactory scan. :iagree:

I still have NO idea how the heck that thing got in there … and even whether it was a piece of peanuts I must’ve snacked on sometime ago dropping from my desk … or was it something that was lodged inside the drive to begin with?

I have a harddrive in the bay just below the BenQ, and there is a cooler installed which installs into the front of that drive bay. It’s a possibility the turbulent air could’ve tossed something up into the drive tray (upon ejecting the disc), but how likely is that … esp. considering the relative size of the little crumb … i’m guessing 1.5 mm in diameter ).

Man … I’m so paranoid now. Lol.


ya got a 95 with that scan (2nd)


You would probably get better results with B7V9 on TY’s. I certainly do. QS never less than 97.



I haven’t had much luck with the B7V9’s for some reason. @8x & 12x, B7U9’s typically give me 98’s with lower PIF ttls. When I try B7V9, it works much better with WOPC off, but B7U9 results are usually better. Not sure why this burner doesn’t like B7V9 as much.

I noticed the Write Strategies discussion, someone had improvement using B7V9 with MBIPG101 R05 strategy for YUDEN000 T02’s. My best burns at 8x have actually come off of MBIPG101 R04’s, so I may try that strat with the new firmware on my Fuji’s.


WoW thats a nice feature for a BenQ Food scanning!!! Its kinda funny how you still got a 95q with the peanut crumb in there. I bet the peanut tasted 95 percent good and 5 percent bad, man thats some tasty peanuts YUM!


… LOL … I think it was the 5% bad part of the peanut that made it into my food scanner. :iagree: Guess we can just call it PF’s … peanut failures.