Beware Of Clone dvd4 its not slysoft product

I was Just checking out the home page of this software and the do not misrepresent the product but many other sites are using a picture of Clone dvd2 made by slysoft which are to completly different products the clone dvd4 is trying to use the good name of Clonedvd 2 made by slysoft to make people think they are buying Slysoft products which is very misleading!!

Please purchase clonedvd2 directly from so you are not fooled by imitators :iagree: :iagree:

I think that is why they put that “read first” at the top of this forum.

Oh great! I downloaded it. So it’s stick with Clone DVD 2 then?

I’m afraid if I try to remove it from add/remove programs it might take out the right Clone DVD. What do you think? (damn, I just wanted to come here to find out why it won’t clone a back up with the 5.1 sound and now this)

go to, start>all programs> then the clonedvd4 that you don’t want, there should be an uninstaller there

you cant remove the wrong one go to add/ remove programs and uninstall clone dvd4 clonedvd2 will have the sheep Icon so its easy to tell the difference . :iagree: :iagree:

yes I know all about the read first but I think it warranted another warning because people are being taken in by believing clonedvd4 is an updated version of clonedvd2 made by Slysoft!! :iagree: :iagree:

Hard to be “taken in” when you have to go to Slysoft’s site for updates. If you don’t arrive (at then you know its not the right one.

I believe I have addressed this already here It is in bold as an announcement.:iagree: and also here, it is posted twice already.

I’m the first to admit I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. 34 years of driving truck and too many diesel fumes I guess. They sent me an e-mail and I got taken in. Thanks for your help, I will try to remove it.

It worked! Clone DVD 4 is gone. Thanks for your help people!

I am surprised this web-site forum permits and apparently encourages the advertising of software products and bashing of other software products. Posting messages to ensure folks are coming into the forum seeking assistance related to the correct software package (ie. the one the forum is intended to discuss) makes a lot of sense - but some of it looks like blatant advertising to me (both positive and negative) which is not tolerated in many forums.

yes alan it has been addressed before I was just trying to make sure with the new release of said software on many sites has the clonedvd2 logo making you think its a Slysoft product which we both no it is not. the company of said product is version 4 released on dec. 6th and the home page of said software does not use the clonedvd2 logo only affilate sites are doing it and it is very misleading . :iagree: :iagree: