Beware of AIM!

I was talking to a friend. Nice casual conversation, nothing bad.

Then he asked me about AIM booters.

Bang, on the screen:

AIMSUPERVISOR32 - you are not allowed to use booters

then i ask, “supervisor, how are you able to monitor millions of conversations?”

AIMSUPERVISOR32 - We only monitor the ones we are suspicious of.

Does everybody know of this or am i just uninformed?

Big Brother is watching you on AIM!

Nope, doesnt work here. Don’t know why it would happen. Unless aim is using one of the US governments monitoring programs. Then that would explain a lot of things :bigsmile:

if they monitor your conversation without permission (and sometimes just agreeing to the terms oif use doesnt excuse them) is the same as illegally tapping someones phone depending on what state u reside in but more importantly what state the “supervisor” resides in

Could be that a bot searches for trigger phrases etc.

Don’t want to be monitored ?

Don’t get on the net !

I think it’s failry stupid of that AIM supervisor to let know they monitor you. I wouldn’t have done that.

And if not getting on the net is no option … get encryption software.

Don’t what this AIM is all about but this what I found… AIMSTUFF
You propably found it youself aswell.

Honestly, if you use anything that has AOL’s name to it (with the one exception of Winamp)…you’re asking for trouble.

And actually, I have used the new Winamp 3.00 and I’m not impressed. AOL is a poison.

But like everyone I know use AIM, some of course use yahoo, MSN, or ICQ, but if I was to chat to them, I’d always use AIM. Unless the others get popular or AIM gets fee-based, I’m gonna stick with it. Right now I usually use Trillian, which lets me connect to all 4 services at once, which let me talk to friends and ppl in China with ICQ.