Beware: Microsoft calling you for computer fix? Phone scam!

Beware: Microsoft calling you for computer fix? Phone scam!.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Currently several users around Europe are complaining about phone calls coming from a mysterious number. Those who talked with the caller were told their computer was having a problem.

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Both my wife and a colleague at work got calls like this, we’re in Montreal. Some Indian guy telling them to look at a registry setting using regedit then trying to scare them into thinking they have a problem / virus, and to download a fix from them.
My colleague, a software engineer, knew better and put the guy in his place. My wife also didn’t fall for it.

Its happening in the USA also

Hopefully there will be very few people who falls for this, to my knowledge Microsoft does not make house calls especially for free.

I hate scammers. They are the absolute worst people.

Just tell them that you charge the same rate as MS tech help but expect pay in advance of a 3 hour minimum . See how quick they hang up.