Beware: Deja Vu hast two Title Movies!

If you are using CLoneDVD it will automatically default to Title 02 which is 2hrs and 43 min! The real movie is title 01 which is 2 hrs and 6 min.

It is confimed. DO NOT copy Title 02. it features the movie but the “Making of the Movie” scenes is spliced in and you cannot fast forward!

This same annoying stunt was used in the movie “A Good Year”.

Respectfully, meaning no disrespect intended, but … Whoa … hold on a minute there! … before we give such damning, blanket advice … what if one wants the interspliced “making-of” features on one’s backup? If you check out the original disk’s Special Features Menu, you will find that there is an “infinifilm-like” feature that (during certain scenes) diverts playback of the movie to playback of a scene-related explination of how Tony Scott created that scene’s special effects. Then the movie continues until the next “director’s break”. Facinating movie magic!

It’s not a stunt or a copy protection. It is authored into the DVD original to give a rich feature meant to be enjoyed by enthusiasts of movie making. Both titlesets 01 & 02 together have to be on the backup for this feature to work correctly. “Angles” and infinifilm-like functions are well established features of DVD authoring. They are only a problem if one mistakenly removes the wrong elements from an original because one’s backup objective is to compress the movie-only to a single layer backup disk.

If one wants a movie only backup compressed onto SL media then you are correct to suggest that the main-title rather than the angle-title be copied.

But Title 02 is not really 2hrs and 43 min long because, along with title 01, that would total out to be about 15GB of data which cannot fit onto a DVD9 original. Title 02 only contains about 37 minutes of footage but since it is interlinked with Title 01, CloneDVD gives a (false) readout of 2hrs and 43 min.

And [I]forget[/I] trying to split DVD’s that contain interspliced special features. They are difficult to get full functionality on both disks. For me, any movie directed by either of the Scott brothers is worth a double layer backup (Verbatim DL+R media of course). And this way one has the full functionality of the original’s special features. For DVD’s authored with something as complex as infinifilm-like angle features, I prefer making a 1:1 duplication DL backup using Slysoft’s CloneCD rather than with CloneDVD.

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Thanks for the information Whisperer, unfortunately, since I’m just a simple kind of user, I’ve typically just used CloneDVD with AnyDVD using the Clone DVD option without any problems (although I did too have an issue backing up “A Good Year” as well).

My question I guess is, is there a way to successfully back this movie up without using DL media? Even if movie only was the only option, how would one go about completing this task?

Many thanks!
Robert :slight_smile:

thanks for the info whisperer, i was wondering why the back-up disk was coming out like that.

Split it on 2 dvd-5 singel layer discs. That’s what i do with CloneDVD2.

Open CloneDVD, click on Copy DVD Titles, point to your DVD burner and let it read the disc, put a check box in the Preserve Menus box, uncheck the box to the left of Title 2, put a check in the box to the left of Title 1, leave all other boxes unchecked, click Next, and continue as usual. This will copy the theatrical movie and allow you to access the movie via the root menu. If you only select English Audio and English subtitles, as well, your result will be a 95% quality backup to a DVD-5.

Alternatively, you could only leave the Preserve Menus unchecked and do as I already stated and leave all the menus out but still end up with the theatrical release.

Or lastly, copy the whole thing which means a lot of quality loss. If one were to compress it this much to a single disc then I would recommend using DVD Rebuilder.

This seems to be doing the trick!

Many thanks for your help :clap:

CloneDVD is giving you a false readout on the compression meter. Try it with CloneDVD(!) … Compress both 01 & 02 onto one DVD5 disk. Title 02 actually only contains less than 40 minutes of play time and since CloneDVD has traditionally given “mis-readouts” of the data size size of Angle titlesets (both in playtime hours&minutes and on the compression meter), I’ll bet you end up with a backup with way less compression than you infer from the CloneDVD compression meter’s false readout.

Read my explaination of angle titles in my above post #3. 15GB cannot really be on a DVD9 original. I’m away on a trip for my company so I can’t try it on Deja Vu but what I’ve said has been true for all the movies with “infinifilm-like” features (using interacting angle titlesets) that I have ever backed up. It should be an interesting experiment for you or anyone else! From then on, you will have no fear of this type of DVD authoring.

I, however, still prefer to backup this type of interacting-featured DVD onto double layer media. I refuse to suffer any loss of quality by using compression so I either split or make DL backups.

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You’re welcome.

Read my last post for more info. To answer your “movie only” question, choose title 01 and backup to a SL disk… your backup should work with or without “Preserve Menus” selected (as DrinkLyeAndDie correctly advised you above).

If you [I]do[/I] also want to have the interactive features on your SL backup, choose both Title 01 and 02 but you MUST choose “Preserve Menus” since interactive features are most often matrixed through the menu structure and they may not work properly if you do not include the menus on your backup. I believe (not 100% sure because I don’t remove elements and compress my backups) that you can have way less fear of over the over-compression that DrinkLyeAndDie warned against (see my above posts).

You’re welcome. Now that you have experienced “Angle” titlesets, you will know how to handle them when you encounter them on future DVD releases that you backup.

Assuming one wants both the movie and the interactive special features on both backup disks, that usually works fine as long as the CloneDVD readout of the angle titleset is the same length as the main movie title and also if the angle contains the same number of chapters as the main movie titleset. Just split the main movie on the same chapter as you split the angle title and the compression meter pops up to 100% on both backup disk1 and backup disk2.

I am not at home to check if 01 and 02 have the same number of chapters but I remember from my backup yesterday, that Deja Vu gives different size readouts in CloneDVD for Title 01 & 02, so I think one might run into trouble splitting this movie and getting full functionality of the “director’s feature” on both of the split backup disks.

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While I understand in theory, I’m still a bit confused in figuring out how it all fits together. Alright Title 2 is ~37 minutes longer than Title 1. So we have CloneDVD saying Title 1 is 2:06:16 in length and Title 2 is 2:43:38 in length. Quick math shows the time difference is 0:37:22. Now look at the other titles and time lengths of the smaller extras. It adds up. Trying to fit this on a DVD-5 means compression. Unless AnyDVD is also reading things wrong it says the disc is 7819 MBytes in size. So we’re look at essentially 50-60 percent quality for a full backup. I’m guesstimating on that figure. It’s pretty nasty, regardless.

Edit: Basically, what I’m saying is regardless of how the way it is set up magically reuses or jumps around to use portions in Title 2, the disc is still jam packed and a full backup to a DVD-5 isn’t the best choice.

If I were to actually back a full backup then I’d use DVD Rebuilder. I ended up, personally, making two discs. Disc 1 has the menus and Title 1. Disc 2 has the menus and all the deleted scenes & extended scenes, previews & other garbage removed and Title 2 is removed. Normally I don’t make backups of extras but I was just experimenting.

In the future if I wish to make a backup of one of these types of movies I will, indeed, use a DVD DL.

I’m just gonna answer quickly because I have meetings all day tomorrow and have to get to sleep… :frowning:

I was making a suggestion to make a SL backup with only TS 01 and TS 02 + menus included. I assumed that most compression enthusiasts would cut out most other special features. When you gave your good advice to BrownDevil…

Open CloneDVD, click on Copy DVD Titles, point to your DVD burner and let it read the disc, put a check box in the Preserve Menus box, uncheck the box to the left of Title 2, put a check in the box to the left of Title 1, leave all other boxes unchecked, click Next, and continue as usual. This will copy the theatrical movie and allow you to access the movie via the root menu. If you only select English Audio and English subtitles, as well, your result will be a 95% quality backup to a DVD-5.
…I was just suggesting that adding the interacting Title 02 to this same movie-only backup would not add drastically to the compression level of the backup … because CloneDVD gives a false readout of Title 02’s size. It is probably less than a GB in size or maybe way smaller since it is not a high bitrate title and probably only has a few tracks.

But if one were to also include all the other titles on the DVD, that would be way bad quality for sure!

Anyway, good talking to you all. Goodnight.


Does anyone have just the main movie ISO files to DEJA VU…I, too, fell victim to burning wrong title now stuck with trying to watch movie AND director’s comments…

So make a new copy of it with the right titleset and streams.

I apologize for the ignorance… but i just started using CloneDVD and would really like to know how to split a movie on multiple discs.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Click on the sissors icon…

Thanks to the information on here about the 2 different movie titles for De ja vu. My friend was able to back up just the movie using title 1 and is very happy with the back up copy. My friend thanks you for the information this place was able to give him.

My 2 disc full works fine so i have no idea what you are thinking :rolleyes: :clap:

I found this out the hard way after making a coaster with the director’s comments mixed in with the movie and without the audio track for the comments. :o

[B]What is the best way to identifying this type of disk manipulation prior to making the copy and wasting DVDs?[/B]

How about if it is different than Title 1? In this case CloneDVD choose Title 2 most likely because it saw it as the largest.

Respectfully, it’s not a “disk manipulation” … it’s a special feature. The answer to your question is so obvious that you have probably just overlooked it.

Put the original into your DVD player. Use your remote control to turn “On” your On-Screen-Display. Play the movie (don’t choose the “making of…” feature from the Special Features Menu). Is that the way you want to watch the movie? Then look at your On-Screen-Display … see what title number is playing. That is the title number to choose for your backup.

Easy: If you want a backup tailored to your desires, then check out the original first.

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