Between This Two?



Which one would you pick, a pioneer 108 or an NEC 3520? I have a benq 1650 and have to remove the pioneer or the nec? Which one is the better drive all-around?



Also the situation is that I don’t mind staying with either, but with the one I sell, which one can I sell them to have better burning with various media cause they wont know how to scan the burned disks or anything. I was thinking of selling them the NEC 3520 cause it has the modified firmware 2.U5 by Liggy and Dee.



Nevermind this thread, I got rid of the pioneer and installed the fw 1.20 for them and told them to buy verbatim -R disks which burn well at 8x or 12x on that pioneer 108. The nec 3520 works well with ritek ro3 +R disks which is what I use on it.



Why would you buy an Pio108 these days?

Pio 111 rules!