Between Amazon's "packing", and UPS gorillas

…my new 100-disk spindle of Verbatim +R’s arrived a bit shaken up. Since I purchased my last 100-disk spindle in Dec., Verbatim has changed the plastic they use on the “cakebox”–the clear part is much thinner and more flexible, and the black base is thinner and more brittle.

Amazon put the spindle in the box on its side, and packed the air-pillows around it, but the sides of the cakebox were in contact w/the box itself. The tabs on the clear plastic cover were broken off, and the black base was cracked. The little white foam disks Verbatim puts at teh top of a disk stack had slid off, and were no longer holding the stack in compression.

If it wasn’t for the small circle of shrink-wrap around the base, it would have come apart in transit, and all the disks would have been ruined. As it is, it looks like at least the first two disks are scratched on the outer edge. I did a CDSpeed Quality Test w/that first disk, and sure enough, at the end of the disk the PIF’s spiked pretty high.

I’ll have to go thru the first dozen or so of the top disks, and see how far down they are scratched. And I guess I’ll have to run Quality tests every time I burn a disk from this spindle, since a disk may have a scratch that I miss. :frowning:

I’m with you on this one. I always try to avoid UPS as much as possible since every package I have recieved from them within the last 5-6 years has looked like it has come through a meat grinder.