Between 3 dvd-r burners

I’m interesting to buy a dvd-r burner.
I 'm between this 3
1.Plextor px708
I want a burner for backup some movies and for mpg2(editing).
Thankx in advance:cool:

If you want the fastest: plextor.

The other two is the same writer, the only difference is that there is software etc included with the A06, while the 106 is just the bare writer.

The pioneer have been superb at write quality and especially media compatibility. I have yet to find a disc that do not work in the pioneer.

But all these is good writers in the end :slight_smile:

The Plextor PX-708A can burn some 4x DVD+R discs at 8x :smiley:

Plextor is faster at 4x dvd-r burning?
So the only limit i have is in the prices.

If your interest is ONLY to burn DVD-R media at 4x I advise to buy the Pioneer drive.

Memorex 4x +R is supposed to burn at 8x with that writer…:cool: